Do you want to trade in financial markets? Do you prefer working hard or working smart? WebTrader is the platform for you if you don’t want to put in a lot of work or if you don’t have enough time! Trading on this platform is online, fast, and simple. You won’t even spend time installing the application.

Minimum account balance requirements and fees

The minimum account balance at BITSTARMARKETS is $0. This thing is very typical among brokers nowadays. The vast majority of the brokers we evaluate do not need a minimum deposit to open or maintain an account. Don’t forget that mutual funds, may need a minimum initial commitment.

Costs of stock trading

In 2019, BITSTARMARKETS decreased their trading fee for online stock, options, and ETF trades to $0. Many other brokers quickly followed the trend, and free commissions are now standard practice in the industry. To trade some assets, such as futures, you will still have to pay a fee.

Account charges

BITSTARMARKETS does not impose any extra fees. All charges information is posted on the website and there gonna be no unexpected fees.

Is it possible to trade with little or no experience?

Yes, you can. Moreover, you should! BITSTARMARKETS offers many opportunities for traders of all levels. A beginner can open an account that does not require any real investment, and use it to learn how to trade. Next, you will learn how to manage risks and set stop losses and take profit. In general, if you are a beginner, don’t worry, you will have the opportunity to learn everything.

Safety and Reliability

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Mobile device biometric login (facial or fingerprint).
  • In 2019, the business deployed technologies to detect attempted fraudulent account openings and prevent fraudulent cash transfers from customer accounts.
  • BitStarMarkets is a very stable and dependable platform with minimal downtime. Over the previous year, it reported 99.999 percent uptime, running flawlessly even during moments of severe volatility.

Over 4,000 mutual funds with no fees

With no transaction costs, BITSTARMARKETS offers over 4,000 mutual funds. Imagine. that you have already guaranteed yourself a stable future by putting at least three salaries on deposit, and now you want to take risks and invest in something more profitable. Investing in securities, currencies, or gold on your own is a good idea, but not for beginners. But mutual funds are just right for novice investors. Why? You can invest a small amount. Moreover, it will be managed by professionals. So no deep knowledge is needed. What is more, BITSTARMARKETS analysts are continuously updating a list of mutual funds that include the top no-load funds and ETFs accessible.

To sum up: Is BITSTARMARKETS suitable for you?

All categories of investors will benefit from BITSTARMARKETS’ investment tools, educational materials, a broad range of no-transaction-fee mutual funds, and revolutionary trading technology. Active traders will appreciate the $0 commissions, while newbies can quickly learn the ropes thanks to the company’s extensive instructional materials. All transactions are carried out in seconds, while it is possible to make the right decisions depending on the market.

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