Business Studies Exam Questions for JSS1,JSS2 & JSS3

These Business studies Examination questions have been compiled to serve as a reference material to aid teachers set tests and examination questions without much stress.
School pupils/tutors will find it very helpful  in revision and exam preparation.

Class: JSS1      Time: 1 hour 30min

Subject: Business Studies

  1. _____ is a subject that is basically needed in the business world
  2. ______ is machine that collects and processes data at a great speed
  3. Student in the line of business studies can become_____________
  4. ____ is a place where business professional duties and clerical work is carried out
  5. The department that buys raw materials for use in the organization is called ________
  6. Accounting department controls __________________________
  7. Honesty means _______________________________________________________
  8. Fair-play means_______________________________________________________
  9. ____________________ and ________________ are types of trade


10.From the diagram above A is ____________

11. Letter B above represent _______________

12. The box with letter C represent __________________

13.Commerce consist of __________________________

14. Production is the _____________________________

15. The main type of production are ________, ________ and __________________

Section B

  1. Mention the components of business studies
  2. (a) What is an office (b) List types of office
  3. (a) Who is a clerical staff (b) mention three functions of a clerical staff
  4. (a) What is honesty in business (b) State four attributes of truthfulness
  5. (a) Define commerce (b) identify four activities that aid commerce

Business Studies Exam Questions for JSS1,JSS2 & JSS3

Class: JSS2      Time: 1 hour 30min

Subject: Business Studies

  1. ________ is an office worker employed duly to received visitors and answer telephone calls
  2. Visitors on arrival are made to sign a _______________________
  3. One of the duty if a receptionist is to __________
  4. _____ is the receiving and exchange of letters in an organization
  5. Books which give records of all mails received by organization is called __________________
  6. Mails sent out of an organization are recorded in ___________________________
  7. ______ is a written form use for recording information about business transactions
  8. Mr Ade is supposed to resume work at 8:00am but he got to the office at 8:30am. Therefore he is ______________
  9. One of the punishment for resuming work late is _____________________
  • ______ is a tax charge by the government on goods produce within the country
  • The exchange of goods and services between two or more countries is known as _______
  • A ________ is a room or place where raw materials semi-finish and finish goods are stored until they are needed for use.
  • A ______ worker will always be submissive to rules and regulation guiding his work as well as his place of work
  • _____ is a record that shows that an organization is able to buy from the manufacture
  • When a customer is under-charged for goods bought a _______ is sent.

Business Studies Exam Questions for JSS1,JSS2 & JSS3

Class: JSS3       Time: 1 hour 30min

Subject: Business Studies

  1. ______ is mostly use for small transactions and occasionally
  2. ______ is acceptable to both the public and all trading concern
  3. A _______ is a written order to a bank to pay on demand a stated sum of money and usually bears the name of the person to whom it is to be paid
  4. ______ is with raw from a ______ by cheque
  5. A cheque can be _____________ or _________________
  6. The method of transferring money from one person to another is called _____________
  7. The original amount given to the petty-cashier is called __________________________
  8. To ______ means to put materials away for future use
  9. __________ are documents which enable the organization to determine the movement of goods
  • ______, ______ and _____ are types of store records
  • _______ is used for folding papers and put in desired envelope are containers
  • Inserting machine is used for inserting items into ________________
  • Advertising jingle can take between so seconds to __________________
  • _________ is the means by which goods and people are moves from one place to another
  • ___________, ________________ and __________ are importance of transportation

Section B

  1. (a) List five importance of office procedures (b) mention four procedures of making payment
  2. If a man earns N12,000.00 per annum and pays N 1,800.00 as tax per annum and also pays N 5 monthly as union dues and his employers deduct N145,00 and N25 respectively for a car loan and a furniture loan monthly. What is his net pay?
  3. (a) Define office equipment (b) list six types of office equipment
  4. (a) Mention four importance of office equipment (b) state three disadvantages of office machine
  5. (a) What is advertising (b) list types of advertising

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