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Corona Virus Has A Cure, says US-based Nigerian doctor in a viral video.


Dr. Stella Emmanuel claims that COVID-19 has a cure in a viral video! She said that the cure to COVID-19 is Hydroxy Chloroquine, Zinc, and Zithromax. Remember that Chloroquine has been disapproved based on claims that it has caused deaths. She claims that Pharmaceutical companies are letting people die for no reason because they refuse to release the cure and prevention. She claims that she and her team have taken these drugs as preventive drugs and they have treated people with COVID-19 and they have not contracted the virus. She went further to call doctors Nazis as they have refused to release the cure for selfish reasons.

dr.stella in viral video

Her statement in the video “I’m here because I have personally treated over 350 patients with COVID. I put them on Zithromax and they’re well, we have not lost one.”
She delivered an emotional speech in the United States on Monday. She spoke at a news conference where she made these claims.

Dr. Emmanuel called out the experts who claimed that hydroxychloroquine could cause heart problems. She claimed that her experience with the drug is not, as they say, she says her oldest patient is 92.

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Here is her exact statement “Patients that have diabetes, patients that have high blood pressure, patients that have asthma, old people… I think my oldest patients are 92…. 87-year-olds. And the result has been the same. I put them on hydroxychloroquine, I put them on zinc, I put them on Zithromax and they are well.”

Dr. Emmanuel claims that she has received several threats to have her practice permit revoked but she has insisted that she would treat patients with COVID-19 regardless of the threats.

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We have given you the news as we saw it, we may never know the truth but her video brings a lot of hope to the world at large. We do hope that her claims are real and that life can go back to being normal. Meanwhile, wear your masks, stay at home, and stay safe! The claims are not yet proven!

We hope for the best.

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