The whole of India is shut down as a preventive measure to stay safe from COVID-19. People are now feeling it like a college hostel atmosphere at their home. In fact, the major countries around the globe have shut down all the trade and social life. It’s complete silence in whichever country you look at.

There has been a great dip in the economic status of many countries. But one industry is making the best of profits since their birth.

The online gaming industry all around the globe is making high yields. Online Gaming has turned out to be the best source of entertainment for people staying within their house 24*7. Watching tv, spending time with family may sound good, but currently, we have undergone weeks of quarantine status therefore there is definitely a vacuum in our entertainment and engagement.

The online gaming industries have a numerous number of games across varying genres of game. People feel so much thankful to advanced options in internet usage in India. It is a real fact that online gaming makes time interesting and engaging.

Five popular games have received greater attention during this shutdown phase.

  1. Online poker– The online version of Poker started at the end of nineties. The online version is considered a revolution for poker lovers. Now there are millions of players playing Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker. There is a great amount of thrill available at the table that brings in players to the table every day. Same like online rummy, online poker can fill in your wallet. The game is available all day makes it easy for players to access the game anytime, anywhere.
  2. Online Rummy– The card game did have greater popularity, but this quarantine period has, even more, increased the traffic in the online rummy industry. Rummy being a skill game makes players committed mentally with the game. Playing the game boosts your mind and also favours people earn money. With almost all the earning options locked, online rummy is the best for people. Earning and mental strengths are the major positives of the game.
  3. Online Ludo– The game with more than 300 million downloads in the last three years, is one among the best for you to enjoy the quarantine period. The biggest advantage of this game is you can play this game with all your family members at the same time. You can also challenge players and friends who you wish to. You can also win bonus coins to play more. You can play against various topographic locations. Ludo is very easy to learn and also very much popular among Indians even before its online platform entry. Online Ludo app and a decent internet connection are all enough to enjoy gaming.
  4. PUBG– Who would missout to experience excellent action sequences just from their house. Especially during this quarantine session in the country. High defined graphics, unbelievable gaming experience are some identities of PUBG. Every time you head on to the app, there are many new battling tactics you are going to learn. You can get connected with your long distant friend. This is last man standing game, so the curiosity never comes down throughout the game. The first man shooter game is donning the global gaming industry in the past years.
  5. Counter strike– Do you love to experience being at a military base? This game is for you. There are almost one million concurrent players in the game. The game has now broken an all-time record and is reaching new peaks. Playing in both the terrorist and counter-terrorist group makes the games spicier every time you log in. The game actually started off as Half-life.
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