Four(4) Sure Ways To Make Money Online

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Hi everyone, today i have decided to write this post because there is one question people keep asking above any question more commonly to my mail. And it is how do i make money online. Now, i know that there are different ways you’ve read about on how to make money online, and not all usually works. So i decided to make this post as a guide showing you how to do it correctly. And you know, some of this ideas might help you.
So my guess is you want to make money just like everyone else but you don’t want to do anything that involves moving your legs isn’t it?. You want to do something easy, sit behind your computer and make some money. The truth is that this is Nigeria, you have to stand for yourself. Now what i really want to show you are the four(4) sure ways that anyone can make money online. Let’s get started.


Let us begin with number four(4), and this is probably the most common way you’ve heard of many times.

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4. Build a website

The most common and easiest thing you can probably do is set up a blog through any platform be it google blogger blogspot, Joomla, WordPress anything like that, is really easy and probably the easiest way you can make money online. So here are some tips whenever you setup a blog.

Guys no one wants to hear about how you went skating with your friends and flew over bikes and potholes. People don’t really care about your life, i know it sounds little harsh but it’s true. And girls, no one wants to hear how you’ve been admired by boys half away with your shirt off. People want to see something that they can relate to. When people go to the internet, they go for mostly two reasons well three reasons mostly but two important ones. One is that they want to be human, they want to laugh at something.

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So, whenever you are making your blog, try to make it more hilarious it will help you out a lot and if you have no funny stuffs or whatever, then you should at least know what you can entertain people and please people to keep visiting your blog everyday.

This is entertaining isn’t it? so you have to let in this two key aspects, human & entertainment. People are going to read your blog a lot more than you can imagine.  

Now if you want to take a step up from your blog, you can as well start creating a forum. The problem about a forum is if you don’t know anything about programming languages or anything like that. The software for forum is free, go ahead in Google and type in free forum softwares, you are going to have a gang of free templates to set up a forum, this is a lot more engaging with your users, is just a lot more prompt seen than a blog. Now you got to say alright, I got my blog and my forum setup what am i suppose to do, how do i make money out of this.

Well, Google adsense is the way you can take ads on put them on your website, here is how it works. Google handle all business aspect of it, and what they do is; they take a company who want to pay for advertisement, they put them on your website and they share a percentage of the profit with you, and Google actually gives up to 75% to 80%. So, that’s how you can make money from a blog or a forum.

Let us see number three(3) way to make money online which is:

3. eBay

Spin your eyes around your room, your apartment, your house anything like that. You know those antiquated boots and ancient black and white television, you know how you think they are and you want to do away with them. But thrust me, they are people out there who want this stuffs but why? I have no idea but simply put anything on eBay people are going to bid on it.

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Now, i saw a bunch of things on eBay, people have been doing it for years, and here are the two most important things i can give you.

eBay Tips



You pretty much want to bold every single thing you can. Without going with much of details it will be very helpful and aside from that you want to get free shipping, with free shipping, you are going to make it. When people bid, because you are going to take that to your account, and also you know that anything for free, people are going to, you understand.

Now number two(2) way to make money online is to open up a

2. YouTube account/channel 

Open up a YouTube account/channel and start making tutorials, and you know it doesn’t has to be only tutorials, it just have to be a video about anything. Now girls have the advantage over here because they can take out a camera and start talking and pretty much many guys are going to watch and subscribe and say oh! my God, you are the greatest thing ever, I love your videos no matter what the video talks about. But when it comes to guys, it is a little bit harder for them. They talk in the camera and people like say; dude get lost!. So guys you have to be a little bit more creative.

Some of the common things you can make videos about if you are a dude instead of just talking in the camera, animation can be a popular subject, anything that sounds fire or explode.

The number one(1) way you can make money online, am giving this number one(1) not because it is the easiest thing to do, but by far this can be the most profitable if you do it, by far! by far!! by far!!! and that is:

1. Selling iPhone apps online

I know you are going to say am quitting reading this article, i have no idea on how to create and sell iPhone apps, where to even begin. Don’t worry, let check it out. Here is a quick guide.

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If you have any idea for an iPhone app, what you are going to do is go to sites like oDesk & elance and here is where you can find people all over the world to build your iPhone app for you, what you do is to give them your idea, give them some couple box and they create your iPhone app for you, and then you can take the app and sell it your own self and get money from it over and over again. And here is the best thing like any of these thing. You pay for once and you make money till eternity. Pay some guys once to develop iPhone apps for you and that is income for the rest of your life. This is by far more profitable, actually the most profitable way i know on how to make money online. This is the biggest potential, so please do not overlook this.

The only advice i have to give is this, one good app is better than a thousand of crappy apps. So if you have one good idea, you have to concentrate on this, instead of just trying to make a bunch of crappy apps to put on iTunes Store. That is the only advice i have to give you. I hope you guys get something from this article.

If you have any other sure way of making money online and it is not listed here, simply drop your comment and also you can drop your comment if you have any question or difficulties and I’ll reply you ASAP.

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  1. Nice tips here but i greatly agree with the first option (build a website)

    Looking at the second option (ebay) i don't think its good for Nigerians at the moment because of the dollar ratio and the importation stuff

  2. I guess building a website is the best but another option I like is YouTube video but how do we monetize it here in Nigeria.


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