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TikTok is fast becoming the best video-centric app or platform for people who are hell bent on integrating fun with moneymaking. As many TikTok creators clinch popularity overnight (perhaps through their exciting short videos), more people become eager to find out how they can monetize their presence on the video app.

If you’ve ever heard of people chatting about how they shot into fame after sharing some crazy (short) videos, you’re very likely to have a quick grasp of what TikTok is all about. Besides being a platform that lets people bask in the pleasure of earning fame with exciting short videos, TikTok is fast becoming one of the hot platforms for making money online.

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What Are the Top 3 Ways People Are Making Money with TikTok?

Managing Influencer Campaigns

This is way similar to how some people operate as agencies between Instagram influencers and brands. You’ll likely reap success from this TikTok monetization technique if you’ve got all that it takes to effectively function as a middleman, helping a TikTok creator manage their relationship with a particular brand.

Specifically, your roles include striking a deal between the TikTok creator and the brand, ensuring that the two parties arrive at favourable conclusions and overseeing negotiations that can make the partnership sail through. While you operate as a coordinator between the two parties on TikTok, you stand a chance of making money by charging a commission for your service.

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It’s notable that TikTok utilizes an in-built influencer programme which attends to the needs of big brands looking for the TikTok influencers to partner with. For this brokerage service, TikTok charges a percentage. Provided that you can perfectly act as a broker between a TikTok influencer and a reputable brand, you can save that brand some money as they will not have to consider TikTok’s in-built influencer programme.

Growing and Selling TikTok Accounts

This technique of monetizing TikTok entails building and selling accounts and just as some people do on Instagram, this technique involves selecting a niche and creating engaging contents in that niche. Provided you’ve got the contents that capture many people’s fancies, you’re very likely to quickly get buyers for your TikTok accounts. Needless to say, many people have capitalized on this monetization technique of growing TikTok profiles intended to capture the interests of brands.

One interesting thing about this monetization opportunity is that you needn’t be a product seller; being able to create exciting content in a specific niche of interest is enough for brands to contact you and offer to buy TikTok profiles from you. Prettily, some brands leverage on such ready-made TikTok profiles in attracting sales for their products.

Utilizing TikTok’s ads Platform

This is another proven way you can make money with TikTok. Similar to those of Instagram and Facebook, TikTok’s ads platform paves the way for you to make money through ads. If you have a clear idea of how paid traffic works, you can expect to make reasonable success with this ads platform.

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To run ads on TikTok and make cool money off it, you first have to sign up for TikTok’s ads platform. If you made pretty waves with Facebook and Instagram ads in the past, you may consider creating a handful of TikTok ads and expect to reel in some money on them. Perhaps, you’ve got a market running on TikTok and you feel it’s nice to earn extra cash through ads. Interestingly, the TikTok ads platform comes to the fore as an effective monetization opportunity for you.


We hope this article has opened your eyes to how you can make money with TikTok. While there are few other ways by which people make money with TikTok, it’s quite reckonable that the monetization methods we’ve discussed so far are the best for you to monetize your TikTok presence.

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