Solitaire is one of the oldest pc games when it comes to card games. In the early 90ths, Solitaire was really loved and played mostly to kill boredom and to also kill free time.

It was installed and played on pc, however, you can also play the Solitaire game online anytime you are bored and in this article, we are going to list out the 9 best free online Solitaire sites you can play when you’re bored.

What is a Solitaire Game

For those who don’t know what Solitaire games are, let me explain it before listing the sites where you can play them online for free.

According to Wikipedia,

Patience, card solitaire, or solitaire, is a genre of card games that can be played by a single player. Patience games can also be played in a head-to-head fashion with the winner selected by a scoring scheme. on the other hand, you can understand it better using the explanation below.

Solitaire (also called Klondike Solitaire) is a one-player card game that can be played on a computer or with a deck of standard playing cards. If you really want to play solitaire  get yourself acquainted with the full list of sites  below in no particular order.

10 Best Free Online Solitaire Sites

Google solitaire

Google solitaire is the easiest of them all. Google is well-known for its user-friendly search function, but it offers much more than just answers to your queries. Simply type in Google Solitaire and press play to begin an animated and fascinating game of classic solitaire. There are two difficulty levels to choose from: easy and hard.

This is one of the most popular platforms for playing card games, and it is a worldwide sensation, with a strong following in the United Kingdom. At, you may play basic solitaire variations as well as old favorites like cribbage and gin rummy.

Solitaire FRVR

Solitaire FRVR is the ideal solitaire game for those looking for simplicity. It has larger visuals for easier navigation, but no extra solitaire versions for those who prefer them. This is the website for you if classic solitaire is your favorite game.

World of Solitaire

At, you may play conventional solitaire as well as dozens of additional versions. This site, similar to, provides a range of strategic ideas for each variation so you may learn how to play like an expert. Select your preferred version of solitaire from the Choose Game option, or choose from a plethora of other card games.

Classic solitaire is available on, but there are also some entertaining variants on the classics, so you can learn how to play solitaire in style. Try the popular Addiction solitaire game, which only allows you 10 minutes to finish.

Solitaire is a simple and easy website to use if you want to play a relaxing afternoon solitaire game. Go to the website and you’ll be sent straight to a live solitaire game. You can also play FreeCell and Spider solitaire, which are two versions of the classic solitaire game.

24-7 Solitaire

This one is part of a larger online gaming site called 24-7 games, but if you go to, you’ll be sent to a classic solitaire game with a timer already ticking away. You’ll get useful suggestions on how to play the game if you scroll beyond your game.


Solitr will most likely be one of the first games you attempt if you’re seeking a basic and free online Solitaire game. For years, this site has given casual Solitaire game pleasure, with both original and Spider Solitaire varieties available for play in your browser.

AARP solitaire is a traditional game with a competitive twist. On the front page, you’ll see daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboards that show you who the best AARP solitaire players are.

Other interesting games you may love, such as crescent solitaire and bridge, are also available. If you need a break from your solitaire game, this is the game for you.


Enjoy yourself and also kill boredom by using any of the above-listed free online Solitaire sites to play Solitaire games today.

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