There’s nothing abnormal about waking up with bad breath.
The abnormality about bad breath comes after despite brushing your teeth, flossing, using mouth wash, staying far from spicy foods like garlic but still having a really bad breath.

Halitosis can be avoided if you practice good oral hygiene, There are other things that can cause bad breath. Here are 5 other things that can cause bad breath.

Eating too many carbs
Eating too much of carbs and less protein can be a major factor in whether or not you have bad breath. This is simply because they cause your body to break down fat for energy and create ketones. Once the ketones have been created, the excess ketones put a lot of stress on your kidney.

Skipping meals
Did you know that skipping meals can also be a major factor in having nad breathe? When you avoid meals or fluids like water, it slows down the rate at which saliva is produced which in turn breeds bacteria, thereby causing bad breath.

Chewing too much gum
Chewing gums for a short while after eating spicy food is not harmful at all. It only becomes a problem and causes serious health issues in the long term. This is because they have sugars are hidden that can lead to the accumulation of sticky plaque on the teeth.

Drinking the recommended amount of water on a daily basis has many amazing benefits both for our health and skin. Keeping your breath fresh all day is one of the great benefits it brings. When you don’t during water or dehydration can cause halitosis because as your mouth dries out, the bacteria that live there tend to increase in their numbers.

Strep throat
Strep is basically a bacterial infection, not a viral infection, which can cause your bad breath to smell bad. Asides from strep, other types of sinus infections can turn into bacterial infections that produce a smelly type of mucus.

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