Learn how  to change your BVN phone number online without stress today!!!

If you are looking for how to change your BVN phone number online it means you are interested in finding a fast option to edit your your Bank Verification Number (BVN) bio-data.

In the next few lines below I will show you the ideal steps you need to take in order to be able to make correction to your bank Verification number.

Using the methods in this guide you will be able to make corrections or your name or date of birth on your BVN data page.

Many people are carefree about the details they give when enrolling for the BVN excercise, little did they know that the details will be very much required to be correct when they are linking to their bank accounts.

When you have disparity in age or name on accounts and that on BVN it will be very difficult to get the account linked to BVN, and usually you will first have to change the details on the BVN data page before you can get the account linked to it.

In a nutshell, a mismatch or juxtaposition in your name will often result to the frustrating situation of error in account linking, you can only save yourself from this stress by making sure that all of the personal details you used across your bank accounts and for your BVN excercise are the same; same name, same surname, same name arrangements, same age and other indigenous details the same.

This way you wouldn’t have any issue linking your BVN to all of your bank accounts.

What of if there’s a mistake already on your BVN how do you go about correcting it?

You can change all things on your BVN, but not your phone number! I repeat you can’t change your BVN phone number, simply because, wanting to change your BVN phone number is already a fraud pointer based on the way the BVN system is designed.

If you had list your SIM, or your phone was stolen with your phone number used in enrolling for the BVN excercise, the best thing to do is to approach your telecom providers with your ID card details to have your SIM retrieved. That’s the only workable method to have your BVN phone number again.

How to change BVN phone number and name

To change your BVN phone number you will need to go to the bank where you enrolled for the process with your BVN number, the BVN number is 11 digit unique identifier that can be use to access your bio-data.

You will also need to go with your valid ID card usually an international passport or NIMC card to have your phone number changed at the bank.

It is pretty obvious that some people are having issues with their BVN numbers. A mismatch of your BVN can cause serious problems for you. If you are looking for how to change the BVN number online, this guide is for you.

The Bank Verification Number (BVN) is a set of numbers that serves as a unique identity to a bank account. The BVN consists of 11 digits, it was introduced by the Central Government of Nigeria to curtail and monitor financial crime, fraud and theft.

The government has made it mandatory for every bank account holder in Nigeria to create a BVN for their account. Any bank account without a BVN will be frozen, therefore, every bank account has to be tied to a BVN.

There will be a contradiction if there is a mistake in your name or date of birth; this is likely to cause problems for you. To avoid mistakes like this, you have to ensure that your names, date of birth and other details in your bank account correspond with the one on your BVN.

Regardless of the institution, you bank with, be it Diamond bank, Ecobank, UBA bank, Zenith Bank, Wema bank, Skye bank, fidelity bank, GT Bank, Access Bank, First Bank etc, you will find this article helpful in changing your BVN number online.

At the moment, there is no online portal where you can change your BVN online. Ignore any platform, website or portal that claims to help you change your BVN number.

If you want to edit your BVN details or make corrections, you’ve to visit the bank where you registered your account with. If your bank is UBA bank and you enrolled for BVN with UBA, then you’ll have to visit the bank or use their online portal to update your BVN information.

How to change date name on BVN after marriage

You will need to visit the bank with your birth certificate and or marriage certificate, if you had your name changed after getting married.

To change date of birth on BVN

You will need to go to the bank with your valid ID card and birth certificate tohave your date of birth changed.

To check your BVN personal details online

There is no known method for now that can be used to check your BVN details without visiting the bank, that’s to say that to check the details on your BVN you will have to visit the bank where you enrolled, this is simply because BVN days remains high-class personal information of individuals and are stored using secured database management systems. However, you can check your BVN number from your phone easily.

To check BVN number on phone online

There’s a dedicated shortcode that had been made available for all BVN holders to check their BVN numbers on all mobile phones.

The USSD code to check your BVN number is 5650#. Simply dial the code on the mobile number you used to enroll for the BVN exercise.

Code to check BVN number for GT bank users

If you are a gt bank account holder you can use 7376*1# to check your BVN number on your mobile phone.

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