How to Download and Install Kick the Buddy Mod Apk

Before you download Kick the Buddy Mod Apk, ensure you activate “unknown sources” in the security tab of your phone’s settings. This is in order to allow for your installation of apks and other files from third-party sources.

With “unknown sources” already enabled, you may follow the steps below for the download and installation of Kick the Buddy Mod Apk:

  • Download the Mod Apk file by clicking the link here
  • After the download, explore your Android phone’s file manager
  • Enter the folder tagged Android within the file manager
  • If you can’t find the Apk file immediately, you can simply type Kick the Buddy Mod Apk file into the search bar
  • After locating the file, open it and tap the Install button to have it installed on your phone

Summary of Parents’ Review of Kick the Buddy

As much as some gamers will admit, Kick the Buddy is a suitable game for children but some parents have stated that they are worried about a few drawbacks.

Based on parents’ reviews, one of the major downsides of Kick the Buddy is the issue of underlying costs. At first, you might think the game is completely free but the plain reality is that there are hidden costs, for in-app purchases as well as subscriptions.

Once you’ve exhausted the game’s free trial, you may have to subscribe to its premium tier. Also, your gaming experience could be marred by ads that you see here and there and to ward off such ads, you’ll have to pay some fee. Your in-app spending (probably for purchasing in-app gold, deactivating ads, etc.) could amount to £89.33.

A second reason for concern among parents is how the game allows you to have an in-game Buddy figure bearing the photo of a relative or friend. While some people would see this as a harmless way of poking fun at a naughty friend or relative, some parents have expressed concern over it.

Lastly, parents have criticized the presence of injurious items which let players unleash violence on the in-game Buddy. More to this is the fact that the violence scene depicted in the game portrays the Buddy as a violence victim groaning painfully and pleading with the assailant (game player) to stop. Quite frankly, this might be unethical in the view of parents who strongly forbid violence-focused games for their kids.

What Do We Suggest to Concerned Parents?

If you’re worried that Kick the Buddy might be inappropriate for your child whereas your child so much loves the game, we suggest that you talk to them about it.

The developers of the game claim it’s a stress-relief game rather than a violence-focused one. Perhaps, this is why the sort of violence depicted in Kick the Buddy seems “non-realistic”. While the PEGI age restriction for the kids-friendly game stands at age 7 and above, you can actually monitor how your kid plays the game. One good way you can avoid unethical use is preventing your child from using Uzis and probably other seemingly violent items on the Buddy.

You can, as well, ensure your child doesn’t upload the picture of a relative or friend onto the face of the in-game Buddy. If you can convince your kid that the game is meant to relieve them of stress rather than encourage them to mete out violence to a non-realistic enemy, they might begin to view the game just the way you want them to.


Kick the Buddy definitely has pros and cons and depending on what you consider appropriate for your kids, you may want to prevent them from playing the game or simply monitor how they play it.

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