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A while ago Whatsapp roll out a major update for its chatting app that enabled users to use short-clipped videos as their status update. Latest Whatsapp app also bring new features that enable users to use photos as their status update. But unfortunately, Whatsapp does not provide any official means that will allow users to be able to download or save these photos and videos to their smartphone.

Today, I will be showing Whatsapp users how they can overcome this barrier; how they can download and save their friends video status updates on their Android phone. Also, by following this tutorial you will be able to download the photo status shared on Whatsapp to your phone without using any additional app.

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If you have a lot of active friends on Whatsapp you probably have come across hundreds of funny video clips shared as status update. The most painful thing is these videos and photos are auto removed (deleted) after 24 hours, so you get no chance of viewing them after the time limit. Most times we (I included) feel horrible about this, especially if the video is quite funny or entertaining and you have no way of saving it. Whatsapp puts the restriction there for privacy reasons, but where is the fun in that?

What I noticed is when you first click on the video status you want to view on Whatsapp, the player will load for some seconds before the video start to play. But after then, when you click on the same video again it’ll load immediately. This means that the video is cached somewhere on your phone to reduce data cost, we just need to find the location.

First of all, you are going to need a file manager. In this case, I used ES File Explorer. I prefer the old version because of its simple interface (no ads either), you can download the old version here.

Now lets proceed

File manager

1. Launch ES File Explorer


2. Tap your phone menu button or simply swipe left to open the app menu

i.) Select “Tools”
ii.) Tick or enable “Show hidden files”

Whatsapp folder

3. Go back to the main window and click on Whatsapp folder to open

Media folder

4. Open the “Media” folder

Statuses folder

5. Now, you will see a hidden folder named “.Statuses”, open it

Downloaded videos and photos

6. Inside the “.Statuses” folder are all the Whatsapp status videos you watched and also the photos

Whatsapp 8

7. Simply click on any of the videos and select the video player you’ll like to use to play the file

P.S: If Whatsapp is installed on your phone internal storage and your phone does not support external storage, navigate to your phone root folder to find the Whatsapp folder.

Whatsapp knowingly hide this folder so that installed Android video player will be unable to find it. You can copy the videos and photos in this folder, rename them, and save them somewhere safe.

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