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Few days ago, I taught about how LinkedIn users can create company page on their mobile phone without using PC. Today, I am moving forward to another important aspect where influencers, marketers, and bloggers alike will learn how they can featured the posts they made on their LinkedIn Company Page in their personal profile. This will not only increase post visibility, but will also help you to showcase your work to your connections in a more intuitive way in your personal profile.

If you have a lot of active connections on LinkedIn, you can further drive engagement to your articles by featuring them in your personal profile. Status update can do the trick most of the time, but it is not static – meaning, your personal update get buried within a short period of time among hundreds of other LinkedIn users updates. Moreover, only your connections (or followers) are likely to see your status update while the public may not.

If you have a company page on LinkedIn and you want the contents you post in your page to be seen by people that view your profile, you can handpick some of the posts and save them as featured posts in your profile. This can be easily done using the LinkedIn mobile app. If you don’t have it installed on your phone I suggest you download it from the link below.

For Android users, after you installed the app, launch it and insert your username and password to login. Swipe left (or you can tap your avater at the top left of the screen) to view the main menu. The pages you managed will be listed under the main menu, simply select the page that you want to featured its posts in your profile.

Now, follow the steps below:

Step 1

Linkedin company page

Create a new post in your LinkedIn company page.

Step 2

Post option button

After you publish the post, tap the drop-down button located at the top right side of the post to access the post option as indicated in the image above.

Step 3

Post option

At the top of the post option is “Feature on top of profile”, tap on it to select. A success message will be displayed.

Step 4

Featured posts in LinkedIn user profile

The post will now be visible in your personal profile under the Featured tab in a slide form. You can swipe to the left to view your company page posts the you featured in your profile.

P. S: In Step 2 and Step 3, the “Feature on top of profile” option is only available for newly published posts. Old posts and posts that were already published for hours cannot be featured in your personal profile.

The “Featured” tab is located under the “About” tab in your LinkedIn profile and is visible to anyone who view your profile, including the public and your connections.

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