Are you preparing for the JAMB 2021 exam? Are you thinking of how to score 300 and above in JAMB 2021? Then stop wondering, as it is actually possible than you think.👍

As the 2021 JAMB exam is fast approaching, the major issue that is disturbing many students now is how they can score at least 250 and above so that they stand a better a chance of securing their admission in the dream courses and institutions.

As learnt, the Jamb 2021 registration started on April 12, 2021, and may be ending on May 15, 2021.

The JAMB 2021 exam will start few weeks after the registration deadline, around June 5, 2021.

Looking at this, it means that the Jamb 2021 exam is already at the corner. This is why you should start making all possible preparations to score high in the exam.

So to increase your chances of being the next undergraduate, then read carefully through this article as it will reveal sure secrets on how to score 300 and above in the Jamb 2021.

I would love to tell you that some people are where they don’t suppose to be today because they were unable to score good in JAMB; some people have missed their destinies today, some people destined to be rich are poor today because they gave up on education resulting from their inabilities to pass their JAMBS Exam.

I could remember one boy that started in his secondary School time to nurse the ambition of becoming a Doctor and even had someone to sponsor him, but later ended up being a tailor because he gave up on education after sitting five times for JAMB Exams which he all failed.

So directly or indirectly, your career may really depend on your ability to pass your JAMB or other related exams; they are your foundation and prerequisite for your higher education.

So if you have been waiting desperately to write JAMB and be admitted to the higher institution, there is need you prepare your mind towards passing the JAMB Exam, as the registration would soon start.

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Passing your JAMB Exam depends on you, you have all it takes to scale through; so try reading this post with full understanding if you really want to pass your JAMB once and for all with excellent Score.

If you are able to read and digest this post properly, I can assure that you will score above 300 in the forth coming JAMB Exam.

Below are 6 sure secrets on how to score 300 and above in Jamb 2021:

1. Generally You Must Study Hard

Thinking of how to score 250 and above in Jamb 2021, the best secret is that you must have to study hard.

Though you may not need an oracle to tell you that one has to study hard inorder to pass any examination with excellence, but I still find pleasure letting you know that you must study hard if really you want to score above 250 in the forthcoming JAMB Exam.

Your confidence about any exam always put you at excellence, and the only way to have such confidence is by studying hard; it gives you hope about your excellence.

But the only hindrance to this confidence is LAZINESS; many intelligent students are dumb today because they are very lazy in studying.
Even the Bible said it that we should study to show yourself approved. So for you to hope on excellence, you really have to do everything possible to shun laziness and study very hard, and study as if your life depends on Studying.

2. Start Your Preparation On Time

We should not always forget the popular saying that “Early Preparation Prevents Poor Performance”; also we should know that one who fails to plan, plans to fail.

So your ability to start all the necessary preparations on time would really go a long way towards putting you closer to high scores in your JAMB Exam.

You must not wait till the month of your exam before you start preparing, the best time to start reading is NOW.

3. Pick Your Best Two Subjects And Study Harder

If you must neglect all other points in this article, you really have to take this number 3 very serious, it is nice idea which has helped many out, and may still help you out; that’s why I have decided to put it down here.

Remember that there are always 4 subjects combination in JAMB Examination needed for admission into high institutions.

These four subjects combination always depend on the type of course a student wants to study, that is, the four subjects you will combine during your JAMB depends on the course you want to study in the high institution.

Just as you know, the total JAMB Score for all the four-subject combination is 400; this means that each of the four subjects has a total of 100 marks.

It doesn’t matter how many marks you score in each subject as long as you are able to make up to the cut-off mark.

This means that even if you score below 30 in any of the subjects but you are able to score high in the remaining subjects, you are good to go.

So in this idea, you will have to select at least 2 subjects you know best and study them very hard.

Let’s assume you are able to concentrate and study two of the subjects very hard, and score 90 in each of the subjects; that would give you 180 in the two subjects.

Then you can now make up marks from the remaining two subjects and add up to the 180 you have in the other subjects.

Let’s say you are able to score 40 in each of the remaining subjects that you prepared less, that would be giving you 80.

So if you add 80 to the 180 you got in the two subjects you prepared well, that would be giving you 260.

Isn’t that good?

The essence of this idea is that many students find it difficult to retain information when they study much subjects; so to make it easier for them to retain and recall, they can decide to study and concentrate more on two subjects that they know best and do very well there, out of the four subjects needed in JAMB.

4. Register in A Preparation Center

It would be wise you know that almost everything in life has format which you must understand before you scale through it.
No matter how smart and intelligent one may be, if he fails to understand the format and secrets of that endeavour, he may still find it hard to succeed.

It may not really need only your intelligence sometimes, your ability to understand the format of anything gives you more ideas to conquer it.

So if you really want to score above 250 in the JAMB, there is need you understand the format of their exam questions and the best way to answer them in exam.

No matter how hard you may think you have studied or prepared for the JAMB Exam, you still need to understand some secrets from experienced persons, you still need advice and guides from people that are more experienced than you.

You don’t have to depend only on your knowledge, you need scholars to guide you so you may learn from other’s mistakes.

The best way to get guilded towards excellence in your JAMB is by attending JAMB lessons; you have to register in JAMB preparation center where you will be exposed to things you don’t know which you thought you knew.

Not only this, you will also be able to meet your study mates with whom you would always study and share ideas together.

5. You Must Believe

One of my philosophers said that we should watch our thoughts for they become words. Watch our words, they become actions. watch our actions, they become our habits. Watch our habits, they become our character. Watch our character, they become our destiny.

Also the law of attraction has it that nature would always attract to us what is in harmony with your everyday thoughts.

This means that what you think and say about your life or future on daily basis will definitely have influence in you.

So this is one reason you should be very positive about your JAMB, you have to believe that you will score above 250, and you will see it happen.

6. Pray To God

It’s really unfortunate that many people underestimate the power of prayers; it’s only the wise ones that know and believe that there is power in prayers.

The truth reams that there is nothing prayers cannot get for you no matter your religion.

So you would really wish to score above 250 in your JAMB, then make it simple by telling God in prayers, he is able to do anything you ask him according to his will.

Wishing you excellence as you prepare for your JAMB, don’t forget to come back here to give me one bottle of beer when you will finally be admitted in higher institution.😅

If you really find value in this post, please do well to share it to others to benefit as you did.

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