How To Use Egg And Tissue Paper To Remove Facial Hair


One of the most talked about and most popular methods for removing facial hair is the eggs and tissue method which removes both facial hairs and also leaves the skin clean, clearer and brighter as well.

Check out how to do it in easy steps
Ladies with facial hair especially around the upper lips struggle with discoloration when it’s makeup time!

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The presence of facial hair on the face differs from a lady to the other but it should always be taken care of. Some ladies actually prefer going for cosmetic surgery rather than opting for other simple ways with home remedies that work just as well with fewer risks.

The eggs and tissue method is most popular and most talked about because it not only removes facial hair but also leaves the skin clean, clearer, and brighter as well. Here is what to do:


Egg (white)


Brush (for application)


1. First things first is to either clean or cleanse the face to completely clear the face of any makeup residue

2. Break the egg and get out the egg white

3. Apply the egg white in soft strokes using the brush on your face while gently placing a tissue over it, you can do this in double layers

4. Wait for 10mins (don’t wait it out for too long)

5. Gently peel off the tissue (gently like you would a peel-off mask)

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6. Wash and moisturize the face.

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