New Research Studies Reveals That Covering Toilet Lids Before Flushing Reduces Spread Of COIVID-19

Toilet seats closing reduces covid-19

In a new research studies by Dr. Dan Onwujekwe, who is currently a Senior Research Associates at the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, Yaba Lagos, revealed that most Nigerians are unaware that covering the toilet seat before flushing reduces the spread of COIVID-19, particularly when using public toilets.

The research scientist spoke of the immediate need for public awareness of this by the government, postulating that it will aid in curbing the spread of the corona virus, including COVID-19.

He made that submission  in response to a recent study conducted  by some research groups based in China.

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Environmental biologists have cautioned that in the siege to prevent human health, the potential spread of COVID-19 via sewage must not be disregarded.

In addition to hand washing and wearing face masks, research teams in a new analysis in China found that covering the lid of the toilet before flushing assists to control the COVID-19 spread.

Research teams from Yangzhou University in China have discovered that clouds of aerosol droplets containing viruses are likely to be large and prevalent, and last long very much for others to inhale in.

In curtailing the spread of viruses, blocking the path of faecal-oral spread, which usually occurs in toilet use, is of great importance, said the scientists.

The research was released in the Physics of Fluids journal.

”One may forecast that the speed may be even lager when a toilet is used frequently, such as in the case of family toilet during a congested

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period of time or public toilet serving a densely populated area”, co-author Ji-Xiang Wang of Yanzhoub University stated, explaining that their research result.

Dr. Onwujekwe, who operates in the NIMR Clinical Sciences Division, spoke with media team noting that COVID-19 had taught a lot of things to humanity.

He said, “COVID-19 teaches us a great deal of stuff.” People who were positive before and now negative after they were healed have been found

to continue to discharge the virus into the faeces for the next 10 days, even when the virus can no longer be regained from their nasal passages or throats.

That’s what patients who have managed to recover from COVID-19 have found. Therefore, toilet aerosols are also a way of spreading COVID-19, even amongst individuals who have been healed clinically.

“So, before flushing, covering the toilet will decrease the entry of such aerosols into space, and you know that such spaces are small.”

The researcher indicated that it was also instructed by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control that individuals should cover the toilet before flushing.

“It’s very beneficial, then. The public should be conscious of this and should know the reasons for it. The cause is that aerosols which also pass viruses like COVID-19 into the air will be reduced.

It is a very essential method that more individuals must learn and apply

The NCDC provided this as a blueprint, but the issue is that it is not understood by individuals.

If we illustrate why, the concept will be bought and implemented by people because it is for their own good. It will be nice

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to illustrate this to individuals and to educate people about it for the government to limit the spread of COVID-19.

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