Are you looking for how to pass JAMB physics in 2022 And Score Above 90? Then, search no more. You are going to see the most complete guide to pass JAMB physics.

how to score high in jamb physics

If you choose Physics as part of JAMB subject combination and also wish to score above 300 in JAMB, then it is necessary for you score very high in physics i.e above 80.

Fear not! It is very possible to score above 90 in JAMB physics and that is exactly what I will show you in this article.

NOTE: These are the same techniques I used to score above 90 in my JAMB physics in 2018. So, I can assure you they work very well in you follow the step-by-step guide.

There is no time to waste, I will dive straight right into the topic – How to pass JAMB Physics 2021/2022 excellently.

how to pass jamb physics

How To Pass JAMB Physics 2022 And Score Above 90 

1. Eliminate The Fear Factor

Until you believe that JAMB physics is very simple, then reading this article may be a waste of time.

I have gotten to realize that students fear JAMB physics a lot. In fact, they believe it is harder than its counterparts – Chemistry and Biology.

However, this is far from the truth.

The only reason why you find physics difficult is because you believe it is difficult. Until you change that mindset, then this article may not be an asset.

JAMB physics is very very simple. Trust me, I am not trying to give you false hope. It is what I have gone through before. As a matter of fact, I didn’t have a strong foundation in physics but I was still able to score above 90 in UTME.

So, whatever your excuse is, I want you to know that JAMB physics is easy, can be passed and that’s why you are reading this article.

2. Understand The Basics Very Well

On thing I have realized is that students who hate physics are those who don’t understand even the basics.

Starting from dimensions, motion and other basic topics, you really need to make sure you understand them very well before moving to other topics like Simple Harmonic Motion, Waves and the likes.

If you are finding physics very difficult, then you need to question and improve on your basic knowledge of physics.

3. Start Preparing Early Enough

There are over 30 topics to cover in every good physics textbooks for JAMB. So, if you want to cover it all, you need to start as soon as possible.

JAMB registration is just around the corner and I believe you’ve started studying for JAMB already. If you have not started, then you are making a BIG MISTAKE already. In fact, late preparing is one of the main reasons why candidates fail JAMB.

The article below will help you to study for JAMB physics and other subjects.

4. Use JAMB Physics Syllabus To Prepare

Some people prepare for JAMB physics without knowing where they are going. Some don’t know the topics they are required to read and everything JAMB examiners expect them to cover.

This is where JAMB physics syllabus will help. It contains the list of topics and subtopics you are required to cover. If you are not using it, then you are missing out.

Cover every single topics in the JAMB physics syllabus and you will be amazed at the result.

But, wait! 

There is one important thing you need to know – The type of textbooks you use to read these topics will determine whether you will pass JAMB physics or not.

5. Use JAMB Recommended Textbooks

Some people pick up any physics textbook and start using it to prepare for JAMB. The question that comes to the mind is, “Is this textbook comprehensive enough to pass JAMB physics?“.

But, don’t worry. I have got you covered on this too. I have already compiled the list of JAMB recommended textbooks to study for JAMB physics. See them below.

If you ask me, I used two major textbooks to prepare for JAMB physics and about 3 other supporting textbooks.

Personally, I will recommend New school physics and Lamlard physics. While New school physics is comprehensive and easy to understand, Lamlard physics will expose you to how to answer questions.

Another good substitution for New School physics is Senior Secondary School Physics by Okeke P.N and Anyakoha M.W. 

I also used Advanced Level Physics (Nelson M. and Parker), Fundamentals of Physics (Nelson M) and Comprehensive Certificate Physics (Olumuyionwa A. and Ogunkoya O. O).

However, you don’t really need these textbooks if you already have New school + Lamlard Physics or Senior Secondary School Physics + Lamlard Physics. In fact, I only read few topics in the 3 other textbooks.

6. Solve Past Questions

The importance of past questions cannot be overemphasized. You can get Physics past questions and answers series in bookshops near you.

One mistake candidates make is using past questions THE WRONG WAY!

While past questions and answers can help you score very in JAMB physics, they can also make you fail if you don’t use them THE RIGHT WAY!

How to use JAMB past questions the right way? I have already covered that in one of my previous JAMB guides, see it below.

7. Revise

The myth about physics is that while it is easy, it is also easy to forget. This is why it is very important for you to keep revising everything you read.

I will advise you to complete the textbooks at least twice to be confident and remember more. The more you re-read, the better you understand.

This is another reason why you should have started earlier than now.

8. Seek Help When You Need Any

It’s fine not to understand a topic, nobody knows it all. The problem is when you fail to seek help.

Forget the ego and ask someone who understands better to explain to you.

That is all for now on the topic “How to pass JAMB physics and score very high“. Don’t forget to share the article using the share buttons below.

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