How to upload O’level (WAEC or NECO) awaiting result on JAMB portal 2022: This is the topic I am going to discuss in this article.

how to upload olevel result on jamb portal 2021

After reading this article, you will be sure to have found out how to upload O’level result(WAEC or NECO) awaiting result on JAMB portal.

I believe you know that it is compulsory for you to upload your O’level result on JAMB portal for 2022/2023 admission process.

Listen, I am going to tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about uploading of O’level result on JAMB portal 2022 in this article.

In order to avoid some silly mistakes, I will quickly tell you some things you need to know about O’level result upload 2022 including

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Is it true that JAMB profile code is needed to upload O’level result on JAMB portal 2022?

Yes, that is very true. I will tell you more about this later in this article.

What if I don’t know my JAMB profile code 2022?

Don’t worry, I will also show you how to get your JAMB 2022 profile code easily.

So, let’s get started.

The JAMB registrar said that the O’level results will be a very important factor used for all candidates seeking admission into various tertiary institutions in 2022.

While some candidates uploaded their result during JAMB registration, others used awaiting results.

Now, if you used awaiting result and you want to upload your released O’level result on JAMB portal, then this article will definitely help you do that right.

Without wasting your time, I will quickly show you how to upload your O’level result on JAMB portal 2022.


Upload of O’level(WAEC and NECO) results 2021 can be done on your JAMB profile.

Follow the procedures below to upload WAEC or NECO result on JAMB website:

  • Visit JAMB e-facilty portal at
  • Click on Create e-Facility Account/Log in
  • Enter your E-mail address and password
  • Click on “Login”

But, wait!

If you check around the JAMB e-facility dashboard, you will find out that there is no option to upload your O’level result.

So, if you have been asking the question, “Can I upload my O’level result on JAMB portal on my phone or laptop?” The answer is NO.

The question that comes to the mind is, “how can I upload my O’level result on JAMB portal?” Well, see it below.

The only way to upload your O’level result (WAEC/NECO/NABTEB) is to visit a JAMB accredited centre with your WAEC/NECO result printout and profile code.

How To Upload WAEC/NECO Awaiting Result On JAMB Portal 2022

  1. Visit a JAMB CBT accredited centre close to you
  2. Take along a printout of your WAEC/NECO result
  3. There, your result will be filled in for each subject and will also be scanned.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You need your JAMB profile code 2022 to upload your O’level result on JAMB portal.

Do you remember that you were sent a profile code during JAMB registration earlier this year?

If you don’t have your profile code with you, here are 2 easy ways to get it.

FIRST METHOD: If you still have the printout that was given to you at bank when you paid for JAMB E-pin, your JAMB profile code can be found on it.

SECOND METHOD: From the line you used to register for JAMB 2021, send “RESEND” to 55019. Your profile code will be sent to you.

With these, you should be able to upload your O’level result on JAMB portal at any JAMB CBT accredited centre in Nigeria.

Now, I will answer some frequently asked questions on O’level result upload 2022.


1. Can I Upload My O’level Result At Cyber Cafe

No, you cannot. Like I said earlier, the only way to upload your O’level result is to visit JAMB accredited CBT centre.

Those at cyber cafe can only login to your JAMB profile with your email and password. They don’t have access to JAMB server required to upload the O’level result directly on JAMB website.


2. What Is The Closing Date For O’level Result Upload 2022

The deadline for the upload of O’level result has not been released yet. However, I am very sure that the deadline date is very close.


3. How Do I Know That My O’level Result Has Been Uploaded On JAMB Portal Successfully

This is another important question candidates ask. As long as you go for the uploading of result at a CBT accredited centre, be rest assured that your O’level result has been uploaded successfully.

However, make sure you are also present during the process and watch to avoid unnecessary mistakes.


4. Feel Free To Add Yours Using The Comment Box Below

If you still have any issues with uploading of O’level result on JAMB portal, then use the comment section below.

That is all for now on the topic, “How to upload O’level result on JAMB portal 2022“.

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  1. i reupload my waec result on jamb portal because i used awaiting during registration so when neci result was released i combined my mathematics neco with my waec result on my school portal but i ddnt go back to combine it on jamb portal hope no problem with that

  2. I put neco awaiting result when registered my jamb. Now neco result is not yet out and my school is doing online screening that requires O’level result.
    Please what will I do?

  3. i made my DE registration but they filled it awaiting result, while all my result are available, i complained to the incharge of the CBT centre, he said this was so becouse some times jamb withdrows all the uploaded result and demanded for new upload hence i should wait until at list a week after jamb exams had carriedout to come for the upload of my results which include both O level and A level result to avoid failure as he said, so please i need more light. thank you

    • He/She can actually help you reupload it now, but due to the focus on JAMB/DE registration during this period, that is why you have been told to come after the exam.

      There is no problem, just go with your O’level A-level results after the exam like you were told.

  4. Please I need to know! I wish to write Neco this year but I do not know when the result will be out so as not to be stranded or not uploading my result when it’s time. Please reply me.

  5. Good morning pls i have been trying to upload my waec result but i still gotten a code from jamb according to my cbt center for the past 1 month for the process am seriously frustrated what should i do

  6. I registered for jamb and it’s direct entry and put awaiting result, I ave written NECO and it’s out now, pls can I still upload it now

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