A Consultant Family Physician at the Family Health Department, Federal Ministry of Health, Abuja, Dr. John Ovuoraye, has advised pregnant women to stop taking malaria and cough medicines especially those taken without a doctor’s prescription.

As indicated by the doctor, using malaria or cough medicine during pregnancy without the doctor’s prescription can cause many birth defects.

Dr. Ovuoraye noticed that however the reasons for ladies bringing forth coddles with intrinsic imperfection could be many, some were because of prescription taken during pregnancy, notice that not all universal medicines could be directed to a pregnant woman regardless of whether it was enrolled by the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control.

The doctor gave the admonition during an interview with journalists while likewise forewarning eager moms against the danger of over-the-counter drugs by and large.

He clarified, “All drugs that are managed on individuals for one sickness or the other, some of them probably won’t be alright for a pregnant woman. The doctor realizes that those drugs can influence the advancement of the child.

“Regardless of whether a pregnant woman was taking a specific medication before she got pregnant, since she is pregnant, she will be unable to take it again all together not to influence the advancement of the infant. Along these lines, pregnant ladies should just ingest medications dependent on a doctor’s prescription.

“At the point when a woman is pregnant, rather than setting off to the chemist or pharmacy to purchase drugs all alone, she should go on vacation and visit the emergency clinic and see a doctor who will recommend for her the correct medication that is ok for her in that phase of pregnancy regardless of whether it is a malaria drug. It isn’t all malaria drugs that you can take when you are pregnant.

“In any case, there are some that are sheltered during pregnancy. Along these lines, it is just a doctor that will have the option to control you well.

“In this way, a pregnant woman ought not to proceed to purchase OTC drugs when she has malaria. That could negatively affect the improvement of the infant on the grounds that the individual offering the medication to you isn’t all around guided.”

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