Should you go to grad school, or shouldn’t you? That is the question. Either way, hopefully you’ve given yourself enough time to ponder it. What we do know is that during these unprecedented times, with the business environment all topsy turvy, it’s always good to be proactive.


While we don’t know where the pandemic is taking us, there’s reason to believe some of the changes are here to stay. To adapt, people are looking for ways to economically survive and to get a leg up over the competition. Attending graduate school is one way.

Let’s look at more of the reasons you should go to grad school, including those.

What is Grad School?

Defining terms first. Graduate school represents an advanced program of study that concentrates on a particular academic discipline or profession. The general requirement is that students already have a college degree.

What Makes Grad School Different from Undergrad?

Whereas an undergraduate education includes diverse academic offerings, such as all those bloody prerequisites, grad school is more intense and focuses on a singular course of study. Partly because you already have a degree, the expectations of you, graduate student, will be higher.

You also will have fewer elective options, undergo rigorous assessments of your work by professors and peers, have smaller classes, conduct original research, and gain work experience through teaching, research, or internships and the like.

Why Should I Go to Grad School?

Hey, everybody’s different, but here are just a few of the reasons why getting an advanced education is a good idea (And, before cost is broached as a downside, Juno has undergraduate student loans — and more — at the best rates):

  • Mo’ money, mo’ money. It’s common knowledge that people who have a graduate degree generally do better than those who don’t, salary wise. A bump of around 25% is the norm, while an MBA might get you as much of a 150% hike.
  • To finally follow your passion. If there’s one thing this pandemic has taught people, it’s that it’s time to start doing you want to do, and how you want to do it. Otherwise, you won’t do yourself or any organization any good because you won’t be motivated. Grad school could help you follow your dreams. Check out this grad school Reddit article for more insights.
  • To shake up your career. If you have been down sized or furloughed due to the pandemic or automation, you may be feeling like a career change is in order. You may need some new or improved skills.
  • To gain access to tools, equipment, etc. Supercomputers and whatever other cutting-edge resources are at the offing. And some of the best minds in your field will be leading you. That’s a real “human resource” you can mine.
  • Support. Attending grad school will gain you an invaluable network of peers and alumni.
  • You wish to make a community difference. You now know some of the ways graduate school can benefit you personally, but the skills you attain and the talent you develop can also be of good use in your community. So, attending grad school is a good way to give back.

Hopefully you could relate to some of those reasons you should go to grad school. It’s not a decision you should take lightly, what with all the time and expense involved. But it’s our opinion that the advantages – possible career advancement, more money, powerful network, etc. – outweigh any demerits.

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