The SAT is a standardized exam believed to have experienced a series of name changes beginning with the Scholastic Aptitude Test through certain other names and down to present-day the SAT. Notably, it is a highly recognized examination taken by those pursuing U.S. college admissions.

While the SAT is conducted in order to evaluate candidates’ preparedness for college education, it’s noteworthy that College Board, a private non-profit US organization, is responsible for its ownership, development and publication.

Following the series of modifications incorporated into 2016 version of the SAT, the standardized exam now correlates with the new Common Core standards and better portrays the knowledge that students attained in the course of high school education.

SAT Registration in Nigeria

SAT registration in Nigeria can be done both online and through physical centres. While interested applicants can attempt the online registration regardless of their location, centres for physical SAT registration are found across popular Nigerian cities as listed below:

  1. Aba
  2. Anambra
  3. Abia
  4. Abuja
  5. Port Harcourt
  6. Ibadan
  7. Enugu
  8. Kwara
  9. Lagos
  10. Osun
  11. Jos
  12. Kaduna
  13. Benin

In Nigeria, SAT registration comes at the cost of #50,000 and the exam duration is usually restricted to 4 hours and it’s important that every SAT candidate adapts their time-management ability in the course of the exam. More importantly, SAT registration is expected to be done within an 8-10 week period prior to the stipulated exam date.

How the SAT Test Is Conducted

The SAT test is conducted in a manner intended to assess candidates’ proficiency in three crucial areas namely (i) writing and language (ii) mathematics, and (iii) reading. The SAT comes with an extra testing segment (known as the Essay section) but this isn’t mandatory to attempt. Meanwhile, the score from the optional Essay section doesn’t add anything to your basic SAT score but certain institutions might expect you to attempt this section.

Here’s a brief explanation on the content of each compulsory SAT section:

Writing and language: this section is composed of a short essay as well as multiple-choice questions. Here, the candidates are tested in their knowledge of grammar usage and their abilities to identify errors.

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Reading: this section tasks SAT candidates to read passages and further take the exercise of sentence completion.

Mathematics: this is where SAT candidates’ knowledge of math is tested particularly in areas including statistics, geometry, probability, algebra and arithmetic operations.

Typical Format of the SAT Test

The SAT test follows a specific format which every SAT candidate should know. By having inkling of this format, a SAT candidate can prepare well ahead of the exam and even develop the appropriate time-management attitude. Below is a breakdown of the exam format:

Section I: Reading

Number of questions: 52 questions

Time allotted: 1hr 5 minutes

Section II: Writing and Language

Number of questions: 44 questions

Time allotted: 35 minutes

Section III: Mathematics

Number of questions: 58 questions

Time allotted: 1hr 20 minutes

Although not a mandatory section, SAT’s Essay section comprises just one essay on which the candidate is allotted 50 minutes.

Are There Any Special Requisites for the SAT Test?

Taking the SAT test in Nigeria doesn’t demand any special requirements from applicants. All you need to qualify you for the SAT test is an authentic international passport.


We hope the information in this post is exactly what you’ve been looking for concerning the SAT test. As you’re expected to comply with application guidelines, you should also do well to know the registration deadline that corresponds to your chosen examination date. Meanwhile, details of SAT registration deadlines and examination dates can be found online.


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