Why students fail JAMB/WAEC or NECO – This is the topic I am going to discuss in this article today. Have you ever asked yourself this same question? If yes, then you are going to get the answer to that in this article.

I once asked myself the same question. After careful observation and proper research, I have finally come up with 11 good reasons why students fail JAMB, WAEC and NECO every year.

If I throw this question to you, you will probably say “They didn’t study enough for JAMB or they didn’t study at all for JAMB”. Well, you are not wrong. However, that may not be completely true too.

It is not everybody that failed UTME that didn’t study. I have seen people that read for JAMB, WAEC and NECO but still didn’t perform well.

why students fail jamb, waec and neco

Now, the big question is “Why do so many candidates fail JAMB, WAEC and NECO?

Without any further delay, I will quickly take you through 11 good reasons why students fail JAMB, WAEC and NECO.

To avoid too many repetition, I will only mention JAMB in some of my next statements. Take note that they apply to WAEC and NECO too.


  1. Bad study habit
  2. Not studying enough
  3. Lack of study plan
  4. Lack of vision
  5. Not reading instructions
  6. Using substandard textbooks
  7. Not keeping track of time
  8. Lack of proper information
  9. Depending on expo
  10. Late Preparation
  11. Lack of prayer

Now, I will explain each one after the other. Enjoy!


Like I said earlier, “Not everyone that study for JAMB end up performing very well”. Some people will study for JAMB but still end up performing badly because of their bad study habit.

The fact is, “How you study for JAMB, WAEC and NECO will determine how you will perform in these exams”.



It is one thing to study right, it is another to study enough. The problem is that some students cannot sit down and study for many hours without losing concentration.

Fortunately, I have already written an article to cover that.



Some people don’t even have a study plan. A good study plan helps you to keep track of your progress and cover everything you need to. Below are some tips you need to develop a good study plan.

  • Check the syllabus to see what you need to cover
  • Draft out a nice timetable
  • Devote more time to work to your weaknesses
  • Create time for other activities

If you don’t know where you are going, how do you even start the journey? Some candidates don’t even have a vision of what they want to score in their upcoming exam. Some will just be like, “I should just pass”.

How do you expect such people to gather as many points as possible?

It is your destination that determines the vehicle you take – Flash Isaac (CEO – Flashlearners.com)


Read instructions properly before starting any examination. Make sure you understand every single statement. If not, call the attention of the supervisor.

One of the reasons why students fail is because they fail to read instructions given. Examiners will give you instructions, it is your duty to read and follow them duly. You can lose mark if you don’t follow instructions.

Some examiners will require you to answer specific number of questions, some will make a particular question COMPULSORY. All these you must follow to avoid stories that touch. 


I don’t think there are bad textbooks but I do believe there are substandard ones for every exam. A textbook may be good enough to pass one exam but insufficient to pass another exam.

Just like your secondary school notes may be enough to pass school exams while they are not enough to pass JAMB, WAEC or NECO, some textbooks are like this too.

In my own opinion, the best thing is to use recommended textbooks by the examination body. If you are studying for any of these exams, it is advisable to use JAMB recommended textbooks, NECO or WAEC recommended textbooks.

A lot of candidates have failed to realize this and they end up reading textbooks that are not god enough. This may be equivalent to not reading at all for the examination.

For JAMB, check out JAMB recommended textbooks here. To get WAEC and NECO recommended textbooks, check out the syllabus and books to read here.


Some people prepare very well for JAMB, WAEC and NECO, taking note of every point I’ve mentioned so far. However, they still end up performing below their expectation. WHY? They fail to keep track of time!

You still don’t understand what I mean? let me explain it to you.

Imagine a UTME candidate that has been preparing so well for the exam, reading for the examination only to find out that he hasn’t covered half of what he planned to JUST A DAY to the examination! He lost track of time!

I have seen this happen to a lot of candidates and this happens when you fail to start preparing for JAMB early enough.

Some candidates are still asking the question, “What is the best time to start preparing for JAMB?” YESTERDAY! That’s true, you should have started already.

The second best time is TODAY. If you have not started preparing, you need to start today.

What do I need to cover? How far have I gone? How many more days do I have? How many more topics do I have to copy?

All these and more are the questions you need to ask yourself everyday as you prepare for JAMB, WAEC or NECO.


Have you heard of students missing their examination because they got the wrong information about their examination date, venue or time?

If you have not heard this before, I am telling you it happens.

This is very sad and you need to avoid it. Make sure you get the right information about your examination as soon as possible.

Don’t miss any news or info about your upcoming examination.


Sadly, some students cannot pass WAEC or NECO without expo. This is not because they can’t actually pass on their own but rather because they have made up their mind to depend on expo.

Is there anything like JAMB expo? Definitely not! There is nothing like JAMB expo or JAMB result upgrade!


Some students wait till the last minutes before starting preparing for exams. This will make their B.P increase by default as they have little time to cover a lot of topics.

This increases anxiety and make preparing less effective. So, if you want to prepare for an exam effectively, then you need to start very early to avoid stories that touch.


This is my last point but definitely not the least point. Some students believe they can do it all alone without help from their creator. They end up failing their examination.

I believe you will be able to avoid the mistakes mentioned above and pass your UTME or WASSCE easily.

That is all for now on the topic, “Reasons why students fail JAMB, WAEC or NECO”. If you have any questions or contribution(s), feel free to use the comment box below. Also, don’t forget to share the article with the share buttons below!

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