The Health Benefits Of Taking Vitamin Supplements

The Health Benefits Of Taking Vitamin Supplements

For those people that eat a balanced and varied diet, then supplementing their intake with some sort of multivitamin product is not necessary in order to be fit and well. However, there are some certain situations where there may be a need for an individual to take some supplements. For more information on what type of supplement product is the best for your own personal situation, then go to Numan for help. Or maybe data-driven customized nutrition suggestion products like Rootine!

Who should be taking vitamins?

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Any woman who is of child bearing age and is thinking about becoming pregnant, should be taking a folic acid tablet on a daily basis. They should aim to take in around 0.4 and 0.5 micrograms when doing so. This is because the substance works to protect a baby from being born with defects to the neural tube. In addition to this, there are also some claims from many years ago that folic acid can be used to prevent serious illnesses such as heart disease and / or cancer from occurring, although these have not been backed up by randomized trials.

Older individuals who have an increased risk of developing the bone disease, osteoporosis, can benefit greatly from taking a vitamin D supplement on a regular basis. Although the exact amount that someone needs to take for it to have the desired effect is still unsure. To be safe, they should take a dose that is equivalent to 1,000 international units (IUs) each and every day.

In certain parts of the world, such as developing nations, children should be given a vitamin A supplement in order to reduce their chance of death. These are only necessary in these poorer countries and certainly not in the Western developed world. 

Those people who are deficient in particular vitamins as a result of either a poor / restricted diet (e. g. vegans) or because of a medical condition, such as Crohn’s disease, can benefit greatly from taking a multivitamin supplement. 

Regardless of age, diet, or health condition, those individuals who get very little direct sunlight on a daily basis, should be taking a vitamin D supplement. This is an important substance in the body that has a wide variety of functions and is produced when sunlight hits your skin.

Can taking vitamins be harmful?

Taking just a single multivitamin product on a daily basis is not going to cause you any harm. However, if the pill that you are taking has a large amount of vitamin A (higher than 2,5000 IU) and / or vitamin D (in excess of 30 IU) in it then you may start to encounter some issues. For example, taking on board too much vitamin A can actually increase an individual’s chances of developing osteoporosis and can lead to birth defects in babies. 

Consuming a daily vitamin C pill can result in an increased risk of developing kidney stones and using beta carotene pills may increase your likelihood of developing lung cancer in people who are already likely to have issues with their lungs, i. e. smokers.


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