DOACE 2200W US Power Converter

One of the basic necessary household appliances that we can not do without is a power converter. To make our gadgets and electronics work seamlessly, we need a reliable power converter that can deliver good voltage and current outputs that is needed by our gadgets without fluctuation, and with a very good protective outer layer that is resistant to electric shock and weathering.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, power converter have indeed come a long way. The new generation power converter are lighter, compact, and more feature-rich than the old generation ones that were used in the 80’s and 90’s. Modern power converter also have all the necessary ports for our mobiles, tablets and other portable gadgets apart from the regular 220V/240V socket.

One of the companies that is specialized in this area of product is DOACE. With the company latest DOACE 2200W US Power Converter (Deluxe Silent Version), you have all your gadgets covered, whether it be a smart phone, laptop, power bank, Bluetooth speaker, MaC, hair dryer, hair straightener, iPad, standing fan and much more. It has all the necessary USB ports that fit today’s need.

Weight comparison

Dimensions and weight comparison

The US Power Converter does not only act as a converter, but it can also be used as an adapter, blending two separate features into one compact body. The DOACE power converter is made not only for indoor purpose but also for outdoor too – travellers especially will find it useful. Considering its minimalistic body design that is just 5.9×3.1×1.3 inches in dimensions and 1.17 pounds in weight, the device will fit the least amount of space in your bedroom, kitchen, or travelling bag.

The power converter have seven separate ports; four USB ports, two 100V-240V sockets, and one 110V/120V converter socket. The USB ports located at the side of the device can deliver 5V/2.4A output each, and you can plug four devices at a time into these ports. It also has a built-in LED indicator for power on/off status.

Smart multi-charging

DOACE ports and sockets

Sockets and ports

Each USB port provides 2.4A, but the maximum current that the USB ports can supplied when simultaneously used is 6A. This means, if you plug four separate device into each port at a time, the maximum current that will be supplied by each port is equivalent to 1.5A. This is smartly regulated for efficiency.

1x USB device = 2.4A
4x USB device = 6A (~1.5A per USB port)

The dual 110V-240V output socket will deliver the regular power needed for your laptop, phone, monitor, table fan and other portable gadget adapters as it can supply up to 10A of alternate current. The 110V/120V socket is a step down power converter made for 110V/220V devices like hair dryers, steam irons, or electronic kettles that use low voltage or utilized mechanical motors.

The 110V/120V socket will appeal to countries that use 220V/240V power by default. Most electronics manufactured in the United States use 110V/120V power by default, with this switch box you no longer need to buy a separate step down transformer or converter to use the products.

Furthermore, the DOACE portable power converter box uses smart auto power recognition to evenly distribute power across the board and to adjust the power delivered based on the requirement of the device plugged in. The three AC output sockets can supply a total of 2200W of power needed for your appliances.

Advance protection

Quiet working and advance protection

To ensure safety, the product has a fuse protection against electricity overload. It also have a temperature control protect mechanism. Moreover, the power structure and ports are UL-60950-1 certified, indicating that the device have passed through vigorous tests to ensure maximum safety of use. The outer layer is made of a polycarbonate material; it has double vents to dissipate heat apart from the inner thermal controller.

DOACE detached connectors

Carry bag with accessories

Cord plug, detachable connectors and carry bag

DOACE is bundling one U.S cord plug, and UK, EU and AU detached connectors in the box to cater to your travelling need anywhere. It also comes with a small carry bag that housed the connectors, power plug and the converter in a safe compartment, and a five foot detachable power cable – all for free and included in the box of course.

The DOACE 2200W US Power Converter is available on Amazon. You can purchase one for as low as $49 USD for a limited period.

Below is DOACE’s storefront and the product link:

Product link

DOACE Amazon Storefront

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