Top 10 Business Ideas And Opportunities In Nigeria

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There are numerous of lucrative businesses you can start with the sum of N100,000 (One hundred thousand naira) here in Nigeria. I know when I said 100k, many people might think it’s just a chicken change and can’t afford to start up any reasonable business.

If you have such mind set, I will advise you start to think positively and add value to the little money you have acquired. From the very first day you began to place value on any amount of money you have acquired, is the day you start to get rich. Take for instance the companies that produces sachet water, how do you think they make their profit after they must have paid their workers, buy materials and still carry out the maintenance job of their machines?


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Top 10 Business Ideas And Opportunities In Nigeria

1. Restaurant: Do you know that food is what no one can do without? The reason I made this the first is that, when it comes to making profit from business, food substances are always good source of profit because it is what we need every day.

2. Tutorial or extra moral-class: This business is also lucrative and easy to start. If you are talented in teaching, you can just open up a lesson centre for WAEC, NECO, JAMB, NABTEB, GCE and Post UTME. All you need is to get few people who can assist you in taking other subjects you are not too familiar with.

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No matter how the situation might be, you can never run dry doing this business because the end of an exam is the beginning of another and now that technology have improved, exams are been written with computers and no one want to fail.

3. Importation business: You can also start up an importation business with just 10k and if you have more, that will be an added advantage. You can start importing items like wristwatches, female jewelries, phones and computers from china and make up to 5 times your capital.

4. Football betting Centre: Nowadays, about 80% of guys spend money betting for upcoming matches and some do make money with it while some loses money also. If you should start up this business, you can make a lot of cash within few months.

5. Mini cyber café: This is another business that is not yet noticed by many people out there. With the improvement of technology, almost everything is now done online ranging from checking of result, admission status, school fees registration, exams and even job recruitment.

You can pay for a shop with about 40k, get a fairly used pc, printer and internet access and start doing all these things mentioned above. After sometimes, you can decide to expand it.

6. Poultry farming: You can invest 100k as a start-up capital in poultry farming. You can buy about 20 chicks and start from there and when you sell, then you buy more. This business is very lucrative and it worth spending for.

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7. Catering service: Catering service is also a good business and if you eventually invest on it, you will never regret it. There are many hotels, fast food joints and restaurants that wants people to supply them already made snacks and other foods. All you need is to go in search for them and submit your business proposal or you can also make it big buy supplying to other individuals.

8. Fashion design: Nowadays, people do not wear jeans or other already made clothes compared to before. People now go for materials and they cherish it so much because it gives them the exact design they want. This have made the fashion designing industry more lucrative. My younger brother who does this business is really making it big.

9. Fish farming: You can start a small fish farming business with 100k. All you need to do this is to get a pool tank in place of fish pond and start with at least 200 pieces of finger nail sizes of fishes with their feeds. When they must have grown to a certain level, you harvest and sell at the rate of N450 to N500 each. The cost of purchasing finger nail is N25 to N35 each depending on the location but does not exceed N35.

10. Sourcing of Agricultural products: With 100k, you can start sourcing of agricultural products from where it is been cheaper to where it’s more expensive, when you do that, you can sell 2 times your capital. For instance, in Enugu, a bunch of plantain which consist of 5 pieces cost N300 while in Benin, a whole head of that same plantain which consist of 6 bunches cost N450. So multiply 300 by 6 and you get N1800. If you where to buy more, you will get N1,350 as profit per head.

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There are still other business you can start but this is the few I have for now. You can still mention more using the comment box below.
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  3. I love everything about this post because is helpful to people who don't know where to put their money, especially our youth.


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