Top Three Most Expensive Hotels In Nigeria

Lagos Intercontinental Hotel

We have been exploring the beauty of Nigeria for a few days and I would have to say, as much as we have been on this virtual tour, it has been just as exciting as being on a real tour! You wouldn’t believe that there was so much about Nigeria that I didn’t know! I know many of us are in my shoes!

While I was exploring this list, you can guess that I was just as shocked as you are about to be. It turns out that Nigerians also like to relax and be taken care of! Here are the top three most expensive hotels in Nigeria. This not to say that all the rooms in the hotels we would list below are that expensive. We would just be listing the price of the most expensive suite in the hotel. Do not go anywhere.

1. The Lagos continental hotel.

This is reportedly the tallest hotel in Nigeria. It is located in Victoria Island, Lagos.

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The most expensive suite in this hotel is N982,585 per night! That is almost a million naira. Will you be willing to spend a night in this luxury suite?

Lagos Intercontinental Hotel
Lagos Intercontinental Hotel
Lagos Intercontinental Hotel

2. Transcorp Hilton, Abuja.

This is not a shock to me at all. I have always known that Transcorp Hilton was an expensive hotel. Being the second most expensive hotel in Nigeria is a big deal. The Transcorp Hilton has managed to keep its standard for years and we still anticipate that in a few years to come, the Transcorp Hilton will still be as prestigious as it has always been. The most expensive suite in this hotel costs, N964,600 per night!

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transcorp hilton abuja
transcorp hilton abuja
transcorp hilton abuja
transcorp hilton abuja

3. Radison Blu Anchorage Hotel, Lagos, V.I.

The third most expensive hotel in Nigeria is located in Lagos, Nigeria. The most expensive suite in the hotel costs about N508,484 per night.

radison blu
radison blu hotel
radison blu hotel
radison blu hotel

Was this information new to you? Have you known this before? Let’s see your comments!

And if you have been following us on our virtual tour, you would know that this is something out of the box for us! We would see you in the next post!

Stay tuned and join the family.

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  1. N982,585 per night for the most expensive hotel in Nigeria. This is definitely for those who are at the top of the Nigeria chain. The amount is more than NYSC Allowance for the entire duration of service.


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