Do you know the skills to learn before going to Canada, the US or Europe? Have you mastered at least one of the hand skills needed in Canada and other developed countries?This article lists in detail the top working abroad skills to learn before boarding that plane or ferry.

Working abroad is a great way to discover new cultures, enrich your CV and access better professional opportunities.

But getting started can seem daunting, and you might not know where to start!

Top 7 Skills to Learn before Moving Abroad

Here are 7 fastest skills you can learn to bag an employment abroad:

  1. Nanny
  2. Teaching
  3. Nail work
  4. Cooking
  5. Decoration
  6. Food packaging
  7. Cleaning

1. Nanny

Being a nanny is a great way to experience life in another country. You live with a local family and help take care of the children and the house; in return, you are housed, fed, laundered and sometimes paid. You can also combine this work with university studies or a language stay.

Even without staying with a local, you can become a nanny, as they are particularly popular in developed countries.

If you speak another language like French or Spanish, then that is a huge check on your CV as you will prove popular with expatriates, but above all, with local families who want their children to practice another language.

2. Teaching

Talking about other languages.

In an increasingly globalized world, learning to communicate in several languages ​​has become essential. Why not capitalize on this growing demand and teach your mother tongue abroad?

If your passion is more to teach a foreign language, go for an immersion in a native country of this language: you will be able to practice and improve your skills, and even pass your qualifications on the spot.

3. Nail Work

The general salary of this skill ranges between 3500-4500 US dollars/month, and the income is mainly divided into the boss and the guests tip.

There are few winters, many summers, few small jobs and more big jobs. It usually takes 2-3 months to learn nail art, so this is a top and quick working abroad skill to learn.

4. Cooking

A restaurant chef’s salary is about 4,000 US dollars a month, which is almost 50,000 US dollars a year. Learning this working abroad skill also almost guarantees free food and housing, translating to a low cost of living.

5. Decoration

Decoration in the United States is a relatively large industry, and is more profitable for immigrants who speak English.

New immigrants follow instructions from the interior designer and are usually paid about $90-100 a day. The work is mainly manual labor: carrying building materials, painting walls, and so on.

If you learn this skill before moving abroad, you can opt to do the work alone, which can cost about US$4,000 per month, with an annual income of US$50,000.

6. Food packaging

This job generally includes food packaging for a processing plant. The job is clean, simple and easy to use and is a good choice for those who have no technical skill but want to make money in the United States, for example.

Salaries are generally around US$3,000.

7. Cleaning

Working abroad skills

The good thing about this skill is that most citizens from developing countries are naturally gifted with it, so new immigrants getting off a plane are already equipped for a job on the spot.

A monthly salary of US$2,200 and an annual income of US$26,400 is the average pay for 8 hours daily, and English is not required.

As well as corporate organisations, a large chunk of jobs from this working abroad skill falls under dishwashing and miscellaneous cleaning in restaurants.

This job is so popular that even undocumented immigrants have a huge chance of nicking an employment. Also it comes with potential free food and housing, so the cost of living is low.


In conclusion, there are many other skills like tailoring, plumbing, relation skills to be a stewardess for example, but those listed above are the quickest skills to learn before moving abroad.

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