WhatsApp Group Links Collection August 2021 [Daily Updated And Active]

Hey folks, Today We Are Going To share 9700+ Whatsapp Group Link With All of You guys. If you want to join more and more WhatsApp groups, today you can find more than 5000 WhatsApp groups here, every link is active.

You can easily join any WhatsApp group from here, because we have added all the active group links here, if you also have any WhatsApp group, then you can also add them here on this site by filling the form below.

Before sharing WhatsApp group link, we should talk a little about what is WhatsApp, what is WhatsApp group because a lot of people do not know much about WhatsApp Aero APK, if you are one of them then this post will give you a lot Would like more.

I can say this with a claim. We all know WhatsApp is a messenger app through which we can talk to anyone for free, we can talk to him only if his account is on WhatsApp. Whatsapp was started in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum.

In 2014, Facebook bought WhatsApp for 19 billion dollars, due to which today more than daily, 2 billions of people are active on WhatsApp. Now all of you must have got a little information about Wahtsapp, now we have shared Netflix Cookies on this site shortly, with the help of this you can take advantage of Netflix Premium for free, then you must check out.

WhatsApp Groups

If someone asks us which feature you like best on WhatsApp, then I will choose the WhatsApp group first because it is one of the best features of Gb Whatsapp Apk. Now everyone does not like to talk on the call, then the text, but if they want to do the same text, multiple people, then they will be frustrated by doing one by one.

You can add as many as 25 friends or family members to the WhatsApp group, and then you can talk to all of them in one place, everyone in the WhatsApp group can send messages. When the feature of the Whatsapp group was introduced in WhatsApp, we could manually add the members on it, which caused a lot of problems to the admin, but now you can also add the member from the Invite link.

Now we are going to share the Whatsapp group link with all of you without any delay so that you can quickly join many WhatsApp groups using the Invite link and then you can chat with the people in those groups. let’s begin

Latest WhatsApp Group Link

Here you will get the latest WhatsApp group link which will be 100% active and here we keep updating the daily link so that you can get the active link for everyone, if you also submit the link of your group on our site, then the link of that group It will be featured here so that the user will easily get the WhatsApp group link.

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PUBG WhatsApp Group Link

Do you play PUBG? I am also asking what kind of things. Nowadays everyone is playing PUBG, and if you play too, then you will know that for this you need a squad, if you play this game without squad then, you will lose the maximum of the match.

If you are searching for a good and active PUBG Whatsapp group, then you can join the 50 + groups given below, all these groups are active, and in these groups, you will also find the best PUBG players.

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New WhatsApp Group Link

May be many group links are revoked, or if many Whatsapp groups are full, then you can join new WhatsApp group link from here. we add daily new groups here. so if you want the latest and new WhatsApp groups then you will find some new fresh groups link below.

Funny WhatsApp Group Link

Whatsapp works very fast. Nowadays, 7 out of 10 people use WhatsApp, and many people keep having fun on WhatsApp, if you are also one of them, then here is a collection of funny group links for you. By joining these groups, you can become funnier or pass your time.


Shayari WhatsApp Group Link

Do you like reading Shayari or sharing your Shayari between people? If yes, you can join more than 100 Shayari given below WhatsApp group and read Shayari from it and also share your Shayari.

Adult 18+ WhatsApp Group Link

Girls WhatsApp Group Link

Politics WhatsApp Group Link

Technology WhatsApp Group Link

Hacking WhatsApp Group Link

Entertainment WhatsApp Group Link

Study WhatsApp Group Link

[su_box title=”Study WhatsApp Groups” box_color=”#473f3b”]

GK WhatsApp Group Link

[su_box title=”GK WhatsApp Groups” box_color=”#6e3519″]

Cricket WhatsApp Group Link

Movies WhatsApp Group Link

Offers WhatsApp Group Link

News WhatsApp Group Link

Indian WhatsApp Group Link

US WhatsApp Group Link

UK WhatsApp Group Link

Tamil WhatsApp Group Links

Song WhatsApp Groups Link

Submit Your WhatsApp Group Link

Do you also have a Whatsapp group? And you want to add that group to our site? If yes, you can easily add your group to this site, for that you have to fill a forum, after that you can easily add your WhatsApp group link to this site.

Now you must be searching for the forum? The forum has been given below, after filling it and submitting it, your group link will be added to this site shortly after.

Now fill the above-given form and submit it. What you have to fill in the forum has been told above, now you fill it correctly remember that none of your information is wrong. Otherwise, we will not be able to add your link to this site.

How To Create WhatsApp Group

How to create a WhatsApp group? As we all know, WhatsApp is a social media application used to talk to our friends, family members, and people all around the world. It not only just lets you text the secondary person but also enables you to share pictures, videos, documents, contacts, and the live location within just a few seconds.

You can share your live position to the people who are visiting your place for the first time, and you don’t need to go to a site and pick them up. All you can do is that you can share the live location with them and they will be there with you.

You can share the contacts very easily by taping the Pin key on the bottom right side. You can do all this, but if you want to connect with all the people from your home, school, office in one place, you need to know about the WhatsApp group thing.

So, here we will talk about how anyone can make a WhatsApp group within a few minutes, and enjoy the group chats with their fellow mates. These are the steps that you can follow to create a WhatsApp Group.

  • Open WhatsApp on your android or iOS device.
  • Tap on the “chats” tab.
  • Then tap on the Android menu button available at the top right corner like three dots.
  • Tap on the new group button open at the priority.
  • Select the people which you wish to add in the group. ( If you do have too many contacts, search the person’s name in the search bar and add them.)
  • Then tap on the green arrow icon to move forward.
  • Name your WhatsApp group.

Add the group photo to the WhatsApp group by selecting the empty box next to the group name, then selecting a photo from your photo library.

Then select the green checkmark button and you are done.

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How To Create WhatsApp Group Invite Link

How to create WhatsApp group invite link Sometimes it also happens that you think if someone is comfortable to be added in the group or it also happens that you want to add the people which are not in your contact. Creating an invitation link helps you to get rid of it.

You can send WhatsApp invitation link even on another social site like Facebook and Instagram, or you can DM people on Instagram for the WhatsApp group. Here we will learn that how can anyone make an invitation link for the WhatsApp group. Following are the steps to create a WhatsApp group invitation link

How To Create WhatsApp Group Invite Link

  • Go to the WhatsApp group of which you are an admin.
  • Click on the group name, it will automatically open the WhatsApp group info.
  • In the info section, you will find a button that says add participants.
  • Just below that button, you will find “Invite via link” green pin button.

How To Create WhatsApp Group Invite Link

Click on the button and you will find a section from where you can copy the link, share the link. Share the link wherever you wish to by copying it. And you are done.

How To Revoke WhatsApp Group Join Link

After adding people from everywhere in your WhatsApp group if you wish that no more people can join the group via WhatsApp group by invitation link, you can stop it by revoking the join link. Following are the steps to revoke the WhatsApp group invitation link

how to revroke Whatsapp group Link

    • Go to the WhatsApp group of which you are an admin.
    • Click on the group name, and it will automatically open the WhatsApp group info.
    • In the info section, you will find a button that says add participants.
    • Just below that button, you will see “Invite via link” green pin button.
    • Click on the button, and you will find a section from where you can copy the link, share the link and “revoke link” button


how to revroke Whatsapp group Link

Click on the revoke link button and by that people can not join the group by the invitation link.

People Also ASK [FAQ]

now We hope you will get tons of WhatsApp Group Here. You can easily join your favorite group immediately from the Invite link of these groups. If you have liked this Whatsapp group link given by us, then share this group link among all your friends, so that they can also find these Group links.

If you think that the given Whatsapp group invite link is here, or this group is full, then you must report that link in the below comment box, after that we will update the link immediately.

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