FPS Browser Games are interesting games you can play online without having to download them. one of it advantage is that you get to enjoy gaming without having to worry about the game taking up storage/space on your pc.

10 FPS Browser Games You Can Play Online Now

1. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Format: PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One and PC

Of course, we had to include a game from this legendary series in our list of best FPS games, and Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War wins. The game departs from the series’ usual linear approach, allowing you to choose which missions to take on and when, as well as how much time you want to spend exploring for new information.


2. Team Fortress 2

Format: PC

The granddaddy of hero-based shooters, with a player base that consistently hovers around 100,000. Its nine classes — three attack, three defense, and three support – are finely balanced, and have served as models for titles like Overwatch. TF2 has grown from a good, albeit cartoony, core of classic team modes to include servers where players go all-out for the objective given alongside maps built purely for hanging out, spamming emotes, and creating conga lines.


3. Bioshock Infinite

Format: PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

The first Bioshock is a superior game. But this is the finest FPS list, and regardless of how you feel about it as a sequel, Bioshock Infinite is just a better shooter than either of its predecessors. They had guns and first-person perspectives, but the shooting was never their primary concern. They were shotgun RPGs that were immersive, narrative-driven, and systematic.


4. Half-Life 2

Format: PC

It’s the one where you can fight alien fascists by hurling toilets at them. It’s trite to praise Half-Life 2’s numerous individual advancements (physics-based weapons, keenly intelligent enemies, and characters who feel like more than walking quest-givers, to name a few) because nearly every video game since has attempted to do the same.


5. Left 4 Dead 2

Format: PC

What zombies lack in fortitude, they make up for in numbers, but particularly infected zombies ensure you never let your guard down, as it only takes one unnoticed Smoker to take out your entire crew. The Versus mode flips the script by allowing you to play as the special infected, obstructing the survivors’ attempts to flee while also providing insight into how these significant infected operate. Which, by the way, will come in handy in your future sessions as the survivors. Left 4 Dead 2 is a well-created game with a dead-simple concept that is executed flawlessly.

6. Insurgency: Sandstorm

Format: PC

A realistic-looking team-based shooter. It does away with modern-day FPS comforts like hit marks and kills confirmation notifications, giving it a whole new feel. Having to visually validate your kills – pumping a few more bullets into your adversaries just to make sure they’re still alive – puts you in the ideal frame of mind for how you should play Sandstorm: very carefully.

It favors patience and precision over risk-taking, and you’ll die if you’re caught out of position, so stay in cover and make sure you’re communicating with your squad.

7. Valorant

Format: PC

Riot Games’ quest to win the competitive FPS title in CS:GO. It’s a cross between Valve’s twitchy shooter and Overwatch’s over-the-top heroes: it’s still a tactical FPS where positioning is king and you die in a single headshot, but each class has flashy talents and powers that can shift the tide.

Some let you to leap into the air, while others ping opponent positions, while ultimate powers allow you to damage adversaries through walls and clear entire sections. Although it is more colorful than CS:GO, the crisp graphics demonstrate that substance takes precedence over style.


8. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Format: PC

Since its inception as a large-scale Half-Life mod, the Counter-Strike series has been at the forefront of the competitive shooter scene. And, while CS:GO is currently the de facto way to play this Terrorists vs. Counter-Terrorists FPS on PC, it began as an updated console port. There are no respawns during rounds in CS:GO, so if you die, all you can do is watch and pray that your team successfully detonates/defuses the explosives or rescues/retains the hostages.


9. Payday 2

Format: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

10. F.E.A.R

Format: PC

F.E.A.R. (and its two sequels) are best played as pure shooters, despite the fact that it was touted as a sophisticated sci-fi horror game. With smoke trailing bullets, windows and walls shattering around you, and grenades sending victims flying, gunfights are cinematic spectacles.

It includes some of the most memorable weapons in any shooter, with the 10mm HV Penetrator, popularly known as the spike gun, being the greatest of them. Steel spikes spit forth, pinning foes to the ground, walls, or each other. You can hang an enemy goon on the wall like a macabre picture if you nail them in the head exactly so.



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