Google Nest Hub Max

Just like last year when the Pixel 3’s were accompanied by Google Home Hub (now Nest Hub), this year Google I/O see to the unveiling of the Nest Hub Max alongside with the new Pixel 3a series. Yes, Google have dropped the “Home” naming scheme and have chosen to embraced the “Nest” name calling – a company it acquired in early 2014.

The Nest Hub Max has a 10-inch WXGA touch-responsive display that provides visual for ongoing activities and that let users carried out basic task by simply tapping the screen. The smart device relied on Google Assistant, letting users read news, schedule events, view YouTube videos, edit calendar, use Google maps, and do lots more.

The whole operation can be carried out using voice commands, thanks to its dual far-field microphones with “Voice Match” that is able to recognize individual voice and provide personalized information. One of the important features that the Nest Hub lacked is the camera, thankfully, this is included with the Nest Hub Max. The provision of a camera paved way for video-calling, which can be done using Google Duo.

The 6.5MP (127° FoV) camera located above the display also supports “Face Match”, which let it identify users and provide personalized information, and “Gesture Recognition” for hands-free control. Google said that the facial recognition is processed locally and it stayed on the device as it is not sync with the cloud. If privacy is your concern, you can turn off the camera and the microphones using a dedicated hardware button.

The Nest Hub Max is sure to provide immersive entertainment, not only visually, but in sound quality. It comes loaded with dual 10W speakers (18mm) and a 30W subwoofer (75mm) – which supported audio streaming service such as Spotify, Pandora, and iHeartRadio will benefit from. It has Chromecast built-in and use Bluetooth 5 and WiFi 802.11ac (dual band) for pairing with other devices. Moreover, the smart display can used as a central hub for controlling other smart home electronic appliances such as AC, TV, bulb and door lock.

The device will be available in the US ($229), UK (£219), and Australia (AU$349) in Summer. Buyers will be able to purchase one in either Chalk or Charcoal color.

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