The pandemic has brought an immense shift on how the back-to-school basics should be. For most college students, Covid-19 has resulted in a shift from attending classes physically to remote learning. That means the standard education tools such as textbooks, laptops, noise cancellation headphones, and smartphones are no longer the only things you need.

You need modern tech tools that encourage personalized learning, make it easier to access scholarly material and education platforms as well as those that enhance communication with fellow learners and educators. Besides, having the necessary tech devices allows students to get content from teachers without any hurdles, improving productivity and boosting morale.

When purchasing tech gadgets, don’t assume you have to run into debts just to ensure you are well-equipped. Yes, tech devices are an investment that you will continue to use long after you are through with online classes. This means even if you purchase a pricy one, you always get value for money.

But don’t let price be a factor on why you shouldn’t go for the latest tool as numerous online sites sell used items at an affordable price yet do the same job as new ones. Consider adding these tech tools to your back-to-school list for students who are currently in hybrid learning or fully remote.

One Note

One Note has plenty of useful features that make it great for note-taking. The added security feature means your notes are password-protected at all times. For instance, if you opt to get a paper from a college essay writing service, you can make notes and use the information obtained to write your own work. Since the content is password-protected, even when another person uses your device, they will not access the material.

This note-taking tool from Microsoft makes it easier for students to keep learning material organized digitally, and you can even create notebooks for every subject, take a picture of a whiteboard and enhance its quality so that it’s easier to read. It does not alter your note-taking style, and you can edit your content in real-time. For any pending complex topics that need to be read, simply add a sticky note which makes the tool great for studying.

Google Lens

Do you need to scan a document you obtained from a writing service such as and copy it to your computer? Google Lens can do the job for you. What makes this a great tech tool for students taking online classes is that they don’t need to retype any handwritten notes taken while reading a book, from class, or conference.

Simply use Google Lens to digitize the text, including content from posters or images. This makes it easier to access scholarly material from various places, which helps to compose a unique paper that translates to a higher grade. 

The tool is also ideal for international students who want to learn the correct pronunciation of complex words and enhance their English speaking skills. Simply use the Lens to select the text and tap on it to hear the words aloud. With the Lens, college students taking a science course can get a step-by-step explanation for math problems.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Not all laptops have good speakers. In fact, when you increase the volume from some computers, the sound quality becomes poor, which makes it hard to understand the professor teaching online classes. But with a Bluetooth speaker, when you find it hard to hear a tutor, you simply turn up the volume and get clear audio sound. Go for a model with long-lasting battery life. That way, the device is capable of powering through a full-day lesson.


According to, working hard in your studies often results in success. If you intend to work hard in your studies and graduate as the best, you should consider investing in a good webcam that also doubles as a ring light.

Since most online classes require you to log in via a video chat, the webcam with a noise cancelation microphone will block out any background noise and allow you to concreate. By allowing a student to participate with the lecturers, the tech device works to increase productivity.

Even if you are taking your classes in a room with poor lighting, the ring light brightens up the computer frame, which means you don’t have to spend more money to make your study room brighter. Multifunctional webcams are also great for teachers who want to ensure learning is efficient and that the students taking online classes hear everything clearly.   

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