In this post, I’ll provide five YouTube methods to help you gain more views. I’ll show you how I used these YouTube algorithm tweaks to raise my own channel to 11 million views in just 9 months. Before we get started, let’s have a look at how YouTube views are generated.

You’ll have a strong knowledge of the YouTube algorithm and how to alter your material to match it once you’ve completed reading.

 Create an eye-catching thumbnail

The YouTube thumbnail is the part of the video that gets the most views and clicks. So, how can you make a compelling thumbnail? First, decide whether or not to incorporate text. Your text should take up two-thirds of the image and include relevant buzz phrases to captivate your readers.

Use clickbait sparingly since it may drive viewers to abandon your video, reducing audience retention. I’ll get to it in a minute. Instead, choose a topic that you believe would pique people’s interest and incorporate it in the writing.

Let’s assume you’d want to provide golfing advice. Here’s a nice example of a thumbnail. So, in order to summarize this image, we’ve done the following.

  • Pick a vibrant backdrop color (Blue or green work best)
  • Select a text color that stands out.
  • Use two-thirds of the space for text and one-third for facial expressions or context.
  • You’ll significantly increase your clickthrough rate by designing these thumbnails.
  • Improving your click-through rate is beneficial since it means you’ll get more views for each impression your video receives.

For example, a video with 100,000 impressions and a 5% clickthrough rate will receive 5,000 views, but a video with a 12 percent clickthrough rate will receive 12,000 views, representing a massive 140 percent increase in views.

For further advice, try A/B testing with each video to see how changing colors and backgrounds affect the outcome. Once you’ve found something you like, continue with it since audiences like consistency.

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 Immediately Engage Your Audience

The average audience watch time must be as high as possible in order for your films to be suggested to more people. Videos that are 5 to 12 minutes long will perform better than videos that are less than 5 minutes long.

However, the duration of the video is irrelevant if more people depart early. As a result, we must ensure that individuals are immediately engaged. Don’t stray from the topic in order to do this. Give brief examples of why you should be trusted, and then go right to the point. Avoid unnecessary intros, extended B-rolls, and time-consuming requests for likes and subs.

This was something I had to learn the hard way. You can see how a four-second opening causes 20% of my visitors to abandon the video completely. I got rid of the beginning and had the same 78 percent audience retention for another 42 seconds.

In conclusion:

  • Go right to the point.
  • Quickly explain your area of expertise
  • Tease the audience with the topic before diving right in.
  • There are fewer B-rolls, intros, and requests for likes.

Increase the number of loyal return viewers

Each and every one of the viewers is a genuine person. Pin a remark and encourage your audience to respond and share their ideas. Interact with them and have a conversation with them.

You’ll have a greater head start each time you submit a video as you gain more genuine views. Your loyal viewers will get more involved, increasing audience retention and click-through rate.

Determine the Most Appropriate Time to Post Your Video

The optimum time to publish your video is when you can do it on a regular basis. Follow your instincts and do what works best for you. Building a devoted audience that will always be there to jumpstart your views requires consistency.

That being said, for your most popular location, it’s typically best to post in the early evening. The audience tab in analytics on the dashboard is where you’ll locate your ‘Top nations’ report.

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