When it comes to exploring the web, you could always run to StumbleUpon because of its simple nature and the fact that all you have to do is just type in what you are interested in and get a list of websites you can browse through.

However, StumbleUpon after 16 years of existence crashed down but then there are still other websites that have taken over from them and in this article, we will be listing out the 5 Best StumbleUpon Alternatives.

5 Best StumbleUpon Alternatives

1. Mix

Mix is StumbleUpon’s “real” replacement. In fact, StumbleUpon’s co-founder suggested Mix as the platform’s next step in a letter to followers. After logging in using your Google account, you’ll see five options: For you, Following, Popular, My Bookmarks, and Inbox.

You can enter your interests in the same way as you would on StumbleUpon, selecting from a vast array of categories and subcategories. You can, for example, choose “Food” as an interest or drill down to “Cheese” and “Healthy Eating.” Even if it isn’t quite like StumbleUpon, the personalization is excellent.

You can also select to follow people who share your interests, bookmark pages that interest you, and more. While a button comparable to the original “Stumble” feature would be nice, Mix is close enough to StumbleUpon to capture its essence.

2. Discuvver

Discuvver is a website that emulates the StumbleUpon experience. While it does not allow you to list interests, it does deliver on its promise of “one click at a time” discovery of intriguing, unique sites. Simply click the “Take me to a useful website!” button on the main website.

The first link we clicked lead us to Rezhound, a website that provides real-time availability alerts for restaurant tables. We went to Ninite, the best program management application on the web, with the second click. The third led us to Review Skeptic, a website that use artificial intelligence to determine whether or not a hotel review is genuine.

That’s all there is to Discuvver—click the button and find a website you might never have known about otherwise. Despite the simplicity, there’s a fun anticipation to be found in every click of the button.

3. Refind

Refind is a learning site rather than an amusement site. It focuses on 1% progress every day, which, according to the book, corresponds to a 37x improvement over the course of a year. As a trial, Refind invites users to give it 10 minutes per day for the next 14 days.

You create an account using Google, Facebook, or Twitter and then choose five topics from a large list of options. Refind sends you 10 links related to these themes every day.

Refind can give you intriguing links every day, which isn’t exactly the same as stumbling into things by accident.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is well-known, and while it may not appear to be a StumbleUpon replacement, it is—and one of the better ones at that. Pinterest is a fantastic method to simply browse the vast quantity of stuff available on the internet.
Simply conduct a fast search for a topic of interest and see what results. Typically, you’ll find everything from articles on the subject to a plethora of resources, fan pages, and other information. It’s also simple to tag articles and share them with friends on Pinterest. It’s more than just mason jar recipes, contrary to common opinion.

Start by logging into Pinterest with your Facebook or Google account.

Pinterest will start to propose pages based on your search history after a while. It will also suggest profiles that are relevant to your hobbies for you to follow. While Pinterest is primarily a visual platform, the photographs on the site all link to other sites, making it a terrific method to find interesting websites you might otherwise overlook.

5. Reddit

Reddit has the potential to be the most popular website on the Internet. It’s a fantastic resource for finding intriguing, strange, and occasionally downright useless information. Reddit is the best StumbleUpon replacement in many ways. Instead of specifying interests, you subscribe to certain subreddits.

You can entirely tailor your Reddit homepage to just show articles that you desire with a little effort. Additional add-ons, such as the Reddit Enhancement Suite, amplify the similarities. Reddit is a terrific place to locate groups of individuals who share your interests.

It’s worth noting that the smaller the community, the more probable it is to have useful information. The beauty of Reddit is that even the most specialized interests have communities within the site. Larger communities tend to have so many submissions that excellent content can be missed, but the site’s brilliance is that even the most niche interests have communities within it.

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