Games is something we love playing in our free time or in some cases to relieve stress and most of the games we play are always installed on our mobile phones or pc, but in the case where you don’t want to install the game on your phone or pc for some personal reasons or because you don’t have enough storage space in your phone,

Then you may want to opt into playing games online and in this article, you would get to know some of the games you can play online now most of which can be played with your friends and loved ones without having the need to install them on your mobile phone or pc.

Games You Can Play Online


Consider it a Battleship version of Scrabble. You start with a “bucket” of colorful balls. Then you’re given a set of letters randomly. From this set, you can only make four-letter words, and each time you get a word correct, a ball in your bucket will pop. If you correctly pronounce four words in a row, you’ll respawn two balls in your opposing player bucket.

Time Heist

In Time Heist, two time-traveling teams compete against one another in a game of wits. Each team selects a captain, being the only person permitted to look at the screen during the game. The captains should have their team pick the correct answer based on the century, category, and description of real trivia.

You can choose between three game modes: Fast, Regular, or Legend. May the most skilled time-traveler triumph!

Drawful 2

Consider Drawful 2 to be a wacky online version of Pictionary, in which your friends try to predict your greatest — or worst — sketches. Some of the funny responses include “creepy tiger” and “death by trombone.” The number of players is limited to three to eight.

You can play it online or on your phone by downloading the app.

This Is Your World

Free online games like this one are popular among trivia buffs. Here’s how it works: you’ll gather cards from around the world and compare them to trivia questions such as “Who has the largest economy?” or “Whose mountain is the tallest?”

You can play alone, offline, or against friends, which is the finest part.

Mario Kart Tour

Prior to the Playstation, many of us battled our brothers on Nintendo consoles. Mario Kart was an excellent game for settling scores. You may now challenge seven other players to beat you in this race down memory lane using this app on your phone.

In order to play, you must have a Nintendo account.

Scrabble Go

Come together, word nerds! Scrabble Go is the virtual version of a well-loved classic when it comes to free online games. Up to four players can compete, so pick your opponents carefully. To get started, download the app.


Play Cluedo-style deception games to live out your spy fantasies (or Clue). Every other player is assigned a location while the “spy” is chosen at random. Before the spy discovers the secret, the players must ask each other questions to figure out who is truly in on it.

Both mobile and desktop versions are available.


Playing games online is has the great advantage of helping you save your device storage capacity for other useful files and documents than filling it up with games.

The disadvantage of online games is that most of them use your data and network connection.

However, if you still want to play an online game and you are looking for recommendations, you can try out the ones recommended above in this article.

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