Bank Of Tron Smart Contract Review -Is Bank of Tron Legit or a scam?

Bank of Tron - Get 3.7% - 6.7% per day - Safe, reliable & it works!

Bank Of Tron Smart Contract Review -Is Bank of Tron Legit or a scam?

Bank of Tron (established on April 8, 2019) is the pioneer smart contract to be operated on the basis of the TRON blockchain.

Touted as a completely decentralized platform, Bank of Tron is not associated with any specific owner. Instead, the platform is known for having some TRON blockchain workers who are responsible for creating the smart contract as well as safeguarding users’ funds from the malicious activities of hackers.

If you’re quite conversant with smart contract networks such as Forsage smart contract and Lionshare smart contract, you should have at least little knowledge of how Bank of Tron smart contract operates. If otherwise, rest assured that this review article will help you with everything you may want to know about the smart contract platform including whether it’s safe for your crypto investment.

Definitions of Concepts

Tron –Tron (symbolically denoted with TRX) is a cryptocurrency created in 2017. Admittedly, it has grown into a significant digital currency, making it one of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies.

Decentralisation –this refers to a system devoid of regulatory individuals (such as admins), project management or server monitoring. With Tron being a decentralized platform, all individuals (including Tron creators and investors) on the platform are equal, meaning one participant doesn’t stand the chance of modifying its smart contract.

Smart Contract –this refers to the algorithm lying within the blockchain cryptocurrency.

Is Bank of Tron Really Legit?


For the fact that nobody reserves the power to delete, modify or tweak Bank of Tron’s smart contract, it’s pretty certain that Bank of Tron is a reliable and legit scheme. With its smart contract uploaded to the TRON blockchain, Bank of Tron is regulated automatically and is based on blockchain. In all sincerity, there are no administrators (or specific individuals) vested with the power of influencing the autonomous operation of Bank of Tron’s smart contract. Also, by means of the smart contract, dividends on Bank of Tron are paid automatically.

What Do Bank of Tron’s Investment Plans Look Like?

Bank of tron investment plan

There’s no doubt that you’ll likely make success with any Bank of Tron investment plan you choose. With beneficial ROI on each of its investment plans, Bank of Tron is certain to help you maximize your cryptocurrency investment. Below are the various investment plans that Bank of Tron offers:

Diamond Plan –On this plan, the least you can invest is 10TRX and while dividends are earned every second, you’re certain to earn the dividends forever. Notably, your total return is infinite and your daily ROI is pegged at 3.7%

Platinum Plan –On the Platinum plan, the minimum you can invest is 10 Trons and while dividends are earned every second, you’ll earn your dividends for a 45-day period. Notably, your total return is capped at 211.5% with your daily ROI pegged at 4.7%

Gold Plan –On this plan, the least you can invest is 10TRX and while dividends are earned every second, you’re certain to earn your dividends for a 25-day period. Notably, your total return is capped at 142.5% with your daily ROI pegged at 5.7%

Bronze Plan –On the Bronze plan, the minimum you can invest is 10TRX and while dividends are earned every second, you’ll earn your dividends for an 18-day period. Notably, your total return is capped at 120% with your daily ROI pegged at 6.7%

Bank of Tron’s Dividends

Depending on the chosen investment plan, Bank of Tron’s smart contract reels in daily dividends in the range of 3.7-6.7%.  What this implies, in other words, is that by investing in the Bank of Tron plan with 4.7% daily ROI, you can expect more than 100% of your initial deposit within three weeks.

On Bank of Tron, dividends are generated each second and you’re at liberty of reinvesting every generated dividend or simply withdraw it at once. And quite favourably, you’re very likely to reel in more dividends when you reinvest as every instance of reinvestment brings about an increase in total investment.

Bank of Tron’s Referral Programme

On Bank of Tron, referral rewards come in three formats being 0.5%, 2% and 5%. Beneficially, the person you’re referring to Bank of Tron is likely to receive a reward equivalent to 0.5% of their own investment.

Bank of Tron’s Referral Rewards

With Bank of Tron, you can rest assured that you’ll experience financial safety at every instance of transaction. As regards referral rewards, Bank of Tron ensures that they are automatically distributed to your balance. In the light of this, you’re always free to withdraw your referral reward when you deem necessary.

How to Begin Investing in Bank of Tron’s Smart Contract

If you carefully observe the information provided earlier on Bank of Tron’s investment plans, you’ll notice that 10TRX is the minimum investment amount. In other words, you need just 10TRX to begin investing in Bank of Tron’s smart contract. So, follow the steps below to get started with Bank of Tron investment:

    • Visit Google Play on your smartphone, enter the search widget and input the keywords “TRONWALLET”
    • You’ll be taken to the download page of the Tron wallet
    • Download and install the Tron wallet to get started
    • Launch the installed wallet on your smartphone and fund it with the amount of TRX you can afford as initial investment (Note that 10TRX is the least you can invest irrespective of your preferred Tron plan)
    • To fund your Tron wallet, you’ll have to purchase a popular and easy-to-obtain cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum –after purchasing the cryptocurrency, you’ll have to convert it into Tron using the popular conversion tool “Binance”
    • With that done, you can now withdraw the converted fund into your Tron wallet
    • Subsequently, copy this link //
    • Explore the Dapps browser of your Tron wallet, locate the search box and paste the copied link in it
    • Wait for the subsequent (Bank of Tron) page to completely load so that you can specify your Tron investment plan
    • After selecting your investment plan, make a deposit with your preferred amount of TRX
    • With the above instructions duly followed, you can rest assured of account activation. Following the activation, you’ll get dividends every day depending on your selected Tron investment plan

How Does Withdrawal Take Place with Bank of Tron?

Withdrawal from your Bank of Tron wallet is guaranteed any time and it takes place without any delay. Once you’ve opted for withdrawal by clicking the withdraw button, the withdrawn fund will be found in your personal wallet.


While we’ve given an honest review detailing what Bank of Tron is and labeling it a legit project, you shouldn’t see this review as an attempt to indirectly foist the crypto platform on any prospective investor. Nonetheless, Bank of Tron is legit and according to users’ comments, it offers optimum safety for crypto investment.


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