There’s a general feeling that every moment of time we have should be cherished, and whilst that’s mostly true, there are definitely periods of time that we wish we could fast-forward through. Think of all the tedious time spent travelling, or wearily waiting for appointments, or how about stuck in a long and winding line? That’s time that, for sure, doesn’t feel very worth treasuring.

Thankfully though, we have the answer for how to, seemingly, speed up that time, and no we haven’t discovered a time-travelling device. If you’re fortunate enough to have a smartphone, then you have the power to load it with apps that will help make those boring periods fly-by. So, here’s our top picks for the best apps for killing time.

Catch Up on Shows

You know the feeling, you’re totally obsessed with a new show, and every waking moment that’s not spent watching it, you’re constantly wishing you were. Well, with your smartphone, you can now download many apps that allow you to stream TV shows and movies wherever you are. No more wondering what happens next, as you’ll be able to catch up on your shows whenever you want to kill some time, and have a free moment spare.

All the big hitters like Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime, all have their own stylishly designed apps that are simple to use, and easily enable you to browse amongst the thousands of options they have. You might think that you’ll always need a 3G, or 4G signal to stream the shows, but you just need to know how to download titles to watch offline, and then you’re good to go.

How About Some Games?

Games are a great way to occupy your brain, so instead of thinking about how long you have left to wait, you’re thinking about how to better your high-score. There are a wide range of gaming apps available for smartphones meaning that there should be something for everyone. There are games that are more suited towards playing for a long period of time, perfect for if you’re taking a train or flying somewhere, and have a lot of time to kill. Or on the flip side, there are games that are better suited to dipping in and out of in short bursts of time, making them ideal for killing five minutes.

If you’re searching for gaming apps to play for longer, some of the top ones around are; The Sims Mobile, which allows you to build your dream home and live a virtual life while yours is on hold, or how about Pocket City, which lets you build not just a home, but an entire city of your desire. The only catch is you have to make sure it functions properly, which takes some brain work. On the other hand, if you want great games that don’t take much time, card-game apps are a brilliant bet, as they allow you to play as many rounds as you want. You’ll be able to find apps designed for solitaire, poker, and even baccarat.

Baccarat is actually becoming more in demand worldwide, with the iconic casino game getting a new lease of life with online gambling. For instance, for those living in Thailand, or a speaker of the language, Asiabet has everything they need to enjoy the game. They have the most popular baccarat websites and Thai online bonuses available in 2022 for their visitors. So they can easily find a live baccarat site that fits their needs, complete with a detailed guide to the game, which gifts users with the best chances at making some substantial money. There’s also loads of rewarding bonuses, such as cash-back deals on sign-up, getting players off to the best start.

Have a Read

You might feel instead like all these tedious moments are the perfect opportunity to keep up to speed on your reading, especially if you’re a student and need to cram in as much learning time as possible in a day. Well thankfully, there’s the perfect app for that.

Pocket allows you to save all must-read articles, many different news stories that will add to your research, and basically any content that you find on the web, all in your own personally created library. Meaning you can save articles that you find but haven’t got the full time to read, and come back to them throughout the day when you do. Don’t forget to read up on guidelines to apply for full scholarships in 2022, as all this extra time studying will lead you right up the educational ladder.

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