Best Kids Monitoring App to Protect Them From Evils Online and Offline


Kids monitoring app

The technological advancement has provided great support to parents by bestowing them with some of the most helping apps and software. There are mobile apps to keep a secret eye on kids to protect them from the potential dangers. In this article, we have specifically discussed the kids monitoring app of TheOneSpy that enables parents to safeguard children from the vulnerabilities of the real and digital world.
Best Kids Monitoring App
There are various monitoring and parental control apps claiming to be best. However, there are only a few that provide a complete monitoring solution. After reviewing the most talked-about spy tracking apps, we have found the most reliable app to put kids under surveillance. TheOneSpy mobile spy app is found to be a reliable and efficient cell phone spy app that enables parents to closely watch out online and offline activities of teens and tweens. This high-tech surveillance app provides great support to parents in taking care of children and rescuing them from bullies, predators, and scammers.
What Can Kids Monitoring App Do?
The cell phone spyware software lets parents know what their kids do online and offline. It helps to find out whereabouts and keeps updated about the digital activities of teens. We have discussed here the most valuable features of the TheOneSpy android tracker app to let you understand how you can make use of it for the betterment of your loved ones.
Track Online Chats
Kids are found to spend most of their time remaining online on social media sites and instant messengers. They are prone to several threats on these online platforms such as bullying and molestation. Parents can keep an eye on their online chats to keep them from wrongdoings and being trapped by predators. The app automatically syncs incoming and outgoing messages exchanged via the most popular social and instant messengers. The messages get uploaded to the web portal of TOS from where parents can retrieve them.
Read Offline Messages
Parents can also keep an eye on offline discussions of kids and can read their SMS direct from the web portal. The app also allows retrieving messages deleted from kids’ mobile phones accidentally or intentionally.
Keep an Eye on Social Media Activities
Do you know how your kids use social networking platforms? The parental control app for Android devices lets you know what your kids do on Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. You can see what they post on these social media sites. It lets you know if your kids make any post demonstrating self-harm activities. Moreover, it alerts you if a predator or bully tries to trap your kid with flattery comments and posts.
Retrieve Deleted Data
The monitoring software provides access to data saved on your kid’s phone. It automatically syncs photos, videos and contacts, and uploads entire data to the web portal of TOS. It allows retrieving data deleted from the targeted device.
Find GPS Location
The parental control app keeps parents informed of their kid’s location. It secretly syncs the GPS location of monitored smartphone and uploads to the web portal. It lets you know where your kid is at the moment. Also, the app offers geofencing to set alerts on kid’s entrance and departure from specific areas.
Monitor & Record Surroundings
The smartphone tracking app lets you keep an eye on your kid’s surroundings. It allows turning on the camera and microphone of a kid’s device to watch and record actions performed in the vicinity of the targeted device. By logging into the online control panel of TOS, you can send a command to the targeted device to turn on the camera and MIC. It allows taking photos, making videos and recording surrounding sounds.
Manage Contact List
It is important that your kids do not communicate with strangers or predators. The tracker app provides access to the Phonebook of your kid’s device to let you find out who is in their contact. You can also manage the contact list by adding new numbers and deleting contacts that are unwanted.
Remote Control Mobile Apps
The parental control app lets you choose which mobile app your kid can use. It enables parents to restrict kids from using age-inappropriate and engaging social media, dating and gaming mobile apps. You can block, unblock and uninstall mobile apps right from the online control panel of TOS.
Access Browsing Details
The internet use of children can be evaluated by getting access to the internet browsing history of their smartphone. The app accesses the internet browsing history of kid’s cell phone and lets you know which websites are visited frequently.


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