Can I do change of course after Post UTME or after given admission? That is what I am going to discuss in this guide.

This is quite different from the question, “Can I change my institution after Post UTME or after given admission”.

If you are not careful, you might quote me wrong me wrong at the end of the day and get the wrong information.

In order to avoid that, read this guide as I break it down to you.

Don’t worry, I am going to make it as enjoyable as possible.

To make things clear, there are about 4 case scenarios that are very similar to this query, so make sure you know what your question really is.

jamb change of course and institution after post utme admission


CASE 1: Can I Do Change Of Course After Post UTME In The Same Institution?

This is one of the most common case that a lot of people ask me.

For example, if you choose UI Medicine and after the cut off marks are released, you did not meet the cut off mark.

Now, you want to change to a less competitive course like Biochemistry, Physiology e.t.c.

If this is your own case, here is your answer:

In most schools, you WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to change course after the Post UTME results have been released.

While UI actually release their change of course form, you will not have the freedom to change to the course you actually want (e.g Biochemistry instead of Medicine).

Rather, only very less competitive courses like Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Education courses e.t.c will be available on the change of course form.

The point is, once you do not meet the cut off mark for course after the results are out, you will not be allowed to change to your second choice.

Rather, the school will rather give you another course or that is it for that year (except you know people).

CASE 2: Can I Do Change Of Course Before Post UTME In The Same Institution?

For example, if you applied for Civil Engineering in FUTA, and you think your JAMB score will not be enough to meet the departmental cut off mark.

You can easily apply for a change of course BEFORE the Post UTME form is out or before you apply for it.

This way, you can avoid the trap of the case 1.

CASE 3: Can I Do Change Of Course After Given Admission?

This is another very popular case.

If you want to change your course after your school of choice give you admission to study another course that is different from the one you choose during JAMB registration, it is very possible too.

For example, if you choose to study Economics and you did not meet the cut off mark.

Some schools give those candidates another course (let’s say Economics Education) on JAMB CAPS portal.

If this is your case, there is a solution.

In fact, you will see the message below when you try to check your admission status or print your JAMB admission letter.

“You must apply for change of course/institution before printing your admission letter. The admission can be revoked if the change is not affected online within two weeks”.

Take note of the following:

  • Apply for JAMB change of course and change to the new course that JAMB/school of choice offers you
  • Make sure you do everything within two weeks so that the admission is not revoked
  • Do not change to any course that is different from the one your school of choice has offered you.

CASE 4: Can I Do Change Of Institution After Post UTME?

If you sat for Post UTME in a particular school, you are still allowed to change to another school, whether you have been offered admission or not (as long as you have not accepted it on JAMB CAPS).

However, I don’t see any reason why you should change your course/institution to another school after given admission.

I believe I would have answered your question by now. Still have any question? Feel free to use the comment section below.

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  1. I choose Fuoye as first choice on jamb and I obtain their form, and I also apply for eksu afflicted to eacoed,can eksu give me admission without changing them as fullest choice on jamb

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