Can I do change of institution three times in one year? If this is your question, you are on the right page.

how many times can i change course or institution

Following my guide on how to change course/institution on JAMB portal, I have been receiving lots of questions like:

  • How many times can I change course/institution in one year?
  • Can I do change of course or institution three times?
  • Is it possible to change course/institution on JAMB portal more than twice in 2022?

Well, here’s the answer to your question.

You can change your course/institution effectively on JAMB portal three times in 2022 and beyond.

When I say three times, I mean I changed three times before your Post UTME.

how many times can i change course or institution

In fact, I was able to change my course and institution three times back in 2022 before I sat for OAU Post UTME at all.

It was this same 2022 that JAMB Registrar, Prof Ishaq Oloyede announced that candidates are only to change course/institution twice in a year.

According to him, “You are allowed to change courses and institutions not more than two times, if you change the first time and experience an issue, you are allowed to change the second time.

But like I said earlier, that’s not true.

If it was true, my 337 JAMB score in 2022 would have been a waste.

How did it happen? Let me tell you the short story.

How I Changed My Course/Institution Three Times In A Year

Initially, I chose OAU Pharmacy during my JAMB registration because Pharmacy is what I wanted to study and OAU (being the Premier school of Pharmacy in Nigeria) was compelling to me.

After JAMB result came out and I scored 337, people around me started compelling me to choose Medicine.

NOTE: At that time, I was currently studying Chemistry in UI (admitted in 202), but I wanted to take JAMB again to change to the course I want.

So, for the first time in 2021, I changed my course to Medicine and picked UI (being believed to be the best school of Medicine in Nigeria).

Deep inside, I wanted to choose Pharmacy, so I decided to change back to Pharmacy.

Because of the love I already had for UI, I decided to change the second time from UI Medicine to UI Pharmacy.

When it was almost time for Post UTME form to come out in 2021, I went to the admission office in UI and I was told I am NOT ALLOWED to choose UI in JAMB 2021 when I am currently a student.

The admission officer further explained that I will lose both admissions if I tried it.

It was painful but I said okay, “I will just change back to OAU Pharmacy that I wanted from the beginning”.

That was when I saw the news that “You can only change course two times”.

I was very unhappy and bothered about how my JAMB score could be a waste.

I started searching different queries online like:

  • can i do change of institution three times?
  • can i do change of thrice three times?
  • Is it possible to change course/institution thrice before admission or Post UTME

The answers I got were not helpful. All I was seeing back then was “You can only change twice”.

Finally, a friend of mine in UI told me she was able to change 3 times in 2017 and I can do it too.

So, I tried it and it worked.

And here I am, currently studying Pharmacy in Obafemi Awolowo University.

So, if you have changed your course twice already, you can still change it the third time this year.

The answer may surprise you, but trust me, that is the truth.

You can also change your course after Post UTME or after admission.

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  1. Ayodele Omotayo
    Jamb center made mistake In changing of institution/course , please sir can I change the institution & course again because the jamb portal is saying institution & courses can on only be change once.Please kindly advice me on what to do.And if you can kindly help me out please let me know.

    • You can go back to that JAMB centre to change it again, just know that you will be paying another N2,500 + CBT charge. The issue now is that, I do not know if it has started in CBT centres because most people have not been able to go because of lockdown. You can however ask and book an appointment before you go.

  2. Please sir kindly help me out on how you were able to do your change of institution and course three time, because I am having a similar issue now, please it’s urgent.

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