Most people spend half of their time on Facebook to stay connected with their friends and loved ones, but that’s not all. You can as well get latest updates about what’s happening around world in real-time, play games, join discussions that pertains to your interest and share updates, but do you know that all of your daily activities are recorded and stored on Facebook server?.

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It might surprise you that Facebook has all data regarding your day-to-day activities stored on their server. But if you cherish your privacy there is a way to erase and permanently delete them. To erase all activity data and search terms on Facebook simply follow the steps below.

  • Click HERE to enter your activity history log, after you login you will see all your activities and searches
  • To delete all activity and search terms, scroll to the top and click on clear searches button located at the right side, a pop up message will appear, click “clear search history” to erase all
  • If you prefer not to erase all, you can as well as delete them one by one. To do so, click on “Hidden From Timeline” button by the side of individual search and activity entry then select “delete” to remove it.

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