A father in Turkey with two wives and 19 children has named his latest baby Yeter – which means “enough”.

Zeher Gezer has 19 children from two wives and he lives in the city of Diyarbakir in the south-eastern Turkish province.

He says he loves his wives and children so much but living alone is a struggle for them especially financially and feeding especially with the effect the coronavirus had on the economy that made him lose his job and he’s been unable to find another job since then.

Polygamy is illegal in Turkey but a second wife can be married in a religious way, but not registering it as a legal marriage.

His wives and mothers of the children, Dilber, and Ikramiye Gezer, stated that they are happy with the sharing arrangement they have with their husband although getting along at first was a problem for them but right now they are more like siblings and even support each other in the crowded house.

Zeher’s first wife Dilber, mother of 10 children, said she was a little bit jealous when her husband brought in a new wife but right now they are like sisters.

“She has children and so do I. Her children are mine and mine are hers.”

Zeher said due to the Covid-19 pandemic, he is unable to provide for his family, something he hopes he can do.

He added: “If I knew this was going to happen, I would not have had so many kids.”

The 19 children, whom most times have to sleep every night without eating are hoping that the local authorities in Turkey will extend a helping hand.

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