Every day, we see different herbal teas that promise weight loss. Some of these teas fail to tell you the deadly side effects associated with them.

It might be difficult not to fall for the scam especially considering the fact that some celebrities and mentors proudly announce the magical powers of these tea brands.

Is slimming tea for weight loss as effective as it’s being advertised? You would need to look out the main ingredients in the tea before purchasing any.

One thing you will notice when you start taking these slimming teas is the urge to use the restroom more frequently than usual, and that’s exactly where the problem is.

  1. When you take a high amount of laxatives, you may end up losing weight but it will all be water weight, not fat.

The bowel movements and urination does help a lot to take out water excesses from the body which in turn makes it feel like you are losing weight. But once a plateau is reached, it will stop. Because laxatives do not burn fat.

2. It may even make you gain weight

Laxatives allow you to get rid of a lot of water which can lead to dehydration. This prevents the body from absorbing essential nutrients. This may cause you to feel more hungry and craving for junks which will in turn cause weight gain.

3. So far, no science has proven that any of these herbal slimming teas actually work.

Although some studies have shown that some of these herbal slimming teas have amazing health benefits, but they are no different from green tea and other regular herbal teas.

4. They may have some side effects 

Herbal slimming teas always come with side effects. Many of these weight loss teas are made with a mixture of herbs which individuals react to differently.

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