How to pass NECO 2022 exam or NECO GCE 2021 without expo

how to pass neco exam 2021

Passing NECO is not difficult, the problem is that many candidates use the wrong method to prepare for NECO and NECO GCE.

Do you want to sit and pass NECO exam 2022 or NECO GCE with distinctions in one sitting? Then, you really need to know some tips and secrets to pass NECO without expo/runs!

A lot of people believe that NECO is very difficult and it is almost impossible to score an A!

In fact, you will hear people saying that the best grade NECO will give you is B.

How true is that?

Totally Not True! As a matter of fact, I have seen a lot of NECO results with A’s dancing all around them.

In this guide, I am going to show you the TESTED AND CONFIRMED SECRETS to pass NECO exam or NECO GCE without expo or runs!

how to pass neco 2020 examination or neco gce 2020

If you are reading this article, you are already a step ahead of others. Follow me as I reveal to you the golden steps to pass NECO 2021 excellently in one sitting.


How To Pass NECO 2022 Or NECO GCE In One Siting With A’s

1. Prepare with good textbooks

2. Make a study timetable

3. Consistency is key, read consistently

4. Use NECO Past questions to your advantage

5. Make proper use of NECO syllabus

6. Attend a good NECO tutorial centre

7. Be spiritually strong

Now, I will explain each point one after the other.


best textbooks to read for neco

I have seen candidates who read very well for NECO and NECO GCE but still failed.


They failed to use the right textbooks to prepare! The SIMPLE truth to pass NECO or NECO GCE is to read what you need.

Some of the textbooks many candidates study for NECO are not comprehensive enough and they end up cramming unnecessary things that will never come out in NECO!

Now, you may be wondering. What are the best textbooks to read for NECO and pass very well?

Unlike JAMB, NECO does not release the list of recommended textbooks to read for NECO exam. But, there are two ways to get the best textbooks to study for NECO:

  • Use the recommended textbooks for JAMB: NECO and JAMB exam are not too different these days. In fact, their standard seems to be almost same to me. If you use the recommended textbooks for JAMB to prepare for NECO, you will pass excellently!
  • Ask people who actually passed NECO: If you know someone who pass NECO on their own without expo, you can ask them for the names of the textbooks they used. Make sure you ask more than one person and see the common textbooks they all mention. You can also ask those who passed WAEC too.



study timetable

If you don’t have a plan, then you are not ready to pass NECO in 2022.

  • What’s your study plan?
  • How many days do you have left to prepare for NECO?
  • How many hours do you want to study per day?
  • What are your weak points and the subjects you know very well?

These are some of the questions you have to answer on your NECO study timetable. If you want to pass NECO, you should set a timetable considering all the questions I have listed above.

You should make sure to give more time to subjects you have problems with. In order words, focus more on your weak point BUT do not totally neglect your strong points!

Now, if you are asking me, “Is it compulsory to study for NECO 2022 with timetable?”

The answer is simply NO!

You can prepare for NECO and pass in 2022 without a study timetable. However, not everybody can follow a smooth study pattern without timetable.

UPDATE: Click here to read everything about NECO registration 2022, starting date, closing date, price, exam date and how to register successfully.


study for neco

One of the main reasons why students fail NECO is because they fail to study consistently.

Consider the two examples below:

  1. A studied 5 hours today and his next study session will be next week/month
  2. B studies 2 hours every day

All things being equal, the second person above will definitely pass NECO much more than the first candidate who is inconsistent with study.

What I’m trying to say is, “CONSISTENCY IS KEY” if you want to pass NECO without expo!

The more frequent you study, the more you cover and the more you get to revise each topic. Hence, you remember more and can definitely blast NECO or NECO GCE in 2021!



questions and answers

Some candidates did not realize how important NECO past questions are, hence they fail NECO or NECO GCE when they should have actually passed.

NECO past questions will help you to know how NECO set their questions. With this knowledge, you can predict where NECO questions 2021 will come from.

If you have been looking for NECO repeated questions in Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, Government, Biology, Accounting, Commerce, CRS, IRS, Economics, Geography, Agricultural science and other subjects, then your answer lies in NECO past questions!

Get your NECO past questions today (hardcopy or softcopy) and start using them to prepare for NECO and NECO GCE.

Also, put yourself in examination mode while studying past question. Set the time you want to finish solving all the questions. This will help to improve your speed as well as accuracy in NECO exam hall.

You may finally ask, “Where can I get NECO GCE past questions?” Let me quickly explain that to you.

First, you need to know that NECO and NECO GCE questions are set by the same examiners. Also, NECO and NECO GCE syllabus are exactly the same!

So, what I’m saying is you can use NECO past questions to prepare for NECO GCE 2022 and pass with A’s.

The same thing applies to NECO GCE recommended textbooks, NECO GCE syllabus and others.


neco syllabus

You are WRONG if you think that free NECO expo does not exist! Trust me, there is one cheat to pass NEECO or NECO GCE in 2021.

The TRUTH is that NECO syllabus is the only NECO or NECO GCE 2021 expo you need to prepare for NECO in 2021.

The syllabus contains the list of topics, sub-topics and what NECO examiners expect you to know. If you can cover everything using the right study techniques, you will definitely pass NECO easily in 2021!



Some secondary schools will not teach you enough to pass NECO or NECO GCE. Also, some teachers won’t complete the syllabus for WAEC or NECO.

That is why you need to consider attending a good WAEC/NECO tutorial centre. You can also ask more questions on thing you didn’t understand clearly in school.

  1. PRAY

prayI keep repeating that prayer is very important if you really want to pass any examination. Pray in your own way and prepare for NECO well using the tips I have mentioned earlier in the article.

Pray not to have general result problem with your centre and other things too. If you don’t know, the examiner can fail all candidates in a centre if there is any trace if examination malpractice.

Don’t allow your village people to sing soft work for you (lol)

If you follow all the tips I have mentioned in this article, passing NECO or NECO GCE in 2022 will be a very simple task.

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Passing NECO or NECO GCE is not a difficult task if you know and follow the techniques that work. Trust me, NECO is very easy to pass.

The way you read for NECO and what you read for NECO are the most important factors that will determine you performance.

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