Physical and Health Education Exam Questions for JSS1 and JSS2


Physical and Health Education Exam Questions for JSS1 and JSS2

These Physical and Health Examination questions have been compiled to serve as a reference material to aid teachers set tests and examination questions without much stress.
School pupils/tutors will find it very helpful  in revision and exam preparation.

Class: JSS 1      Subject: Physical and Health Education

Instruction: Answer all question in this section

Section A: (objective)

  1. _____ are activities such as sports and exercise which people need physical power to compete in (a) athletics (b) games (c) sport (d) events
  2. All track events are performed in ____ (a) lanes (b) field (c) school (d) church
  3. Running is an example of ___ event (a) field (b) track (c) sport (d) all of the above
  4. ___ events are activities which involves jumping and throwing (a) track (b) field (c) pole vault (d) javelin
  5. ____ are events which are intended to cover heights or distance (a) jumps (b) throw (c) race (d) none of the above
  6. Jumps which aim at achieving height are called ___ (a) horizontal jumps (b) vertical jumps (c) high jumps (d) long jumps
  7. Pole vault is a field events, true or false
  8. Equipment for shot put includes the following except ____ (a) stop board (b) take-off box (c) missile (d) flags
  9. Throws are events which involve projecting object into space. True or false
  10. The following are phases of putting the shot except (a) prop (b) stance (c) Perry O’ Brien put (d) release
  11. Discus is a track event true of false
  12. Football originated form ____ (a) England (b) France (c) Italy (d) none of the above
  13. The world controlling body, federation international de football association (FIFA) was formed in the year ____ (a) 1909 (b) 1904 (c) 1863 (d) 1933
  14. The first national competition of football in Nigeria began in the year ____ (a) 1945 (b) 1933 (c) 1940 (d) 1904
  15. Volleyball was invented by ____ in the year ____ (a) William J. Morgan, 1895 (b) James Morgan, 1895 (c) John J. Morgan, 1895 (c) none of the above
  16. Volleyball was introduced as an Olympic sport in ____ (a) Nigeria (b) Congo (c) Japan (d) Tokyo, Japan
  17. ____ are sports that have been in existence before the introduction of modern and international games (a) pre-colonial and traditional sports (b) cultural dance (c) football (d) volleyball
  18. It is important that, sport men and women should have basic knowledge of ___ (a) the game (b) first aid (c) safety (d) I don’t know
  19. The following are factors which determine health except (a) heredity (b) environment (c) lifestyle (d) money
  20. _____ disease can be transmitted easily in over-crowded living conditions (a) contagious (b) sexually transmitted (c) cholera (d) none of the above

Section B-theory

Instruction: Answer only three questions in this section, all questions carries equal marks.

  1. List five sources of water
  2. List four characteristics of a healthy person
  3. What is first aid? (ii) State four qualities of a good first aider
  4. List five equipment needed for a game of volleyball
  5. Name the facility for discus (ii) State two methods of throwing discus

Class: JSS 3 Subject: Physical and Health Education

Instruction: Answer all question in this section

  1. Pole vault is a ____ event (a) track (b) field (c) school (d) sport
  2. The following are equipment for pole vault except (a) crossbar (b) land foam (c) measuring tape (d) measuring cylinder
  3. One of these is a technique of pole vault (a) stance (b) jump (c) grip/carriage (d) hiding
  4. Javelin is a ___ event (a) track (b) field (c) throw (d) none of the above
  5. Javelin is made up of the following parts except (a) metal head (b) shaft (c) wood (d) cord
  6. The three first phases of javelin are (a) run up, grip and carriage (b) grip, run up and carriage (c) carriage, run up and grip (d) grip, carriage and run up
  7. The three types of grips are (a) release, claw, index finger and finish grip (b) claw, recovering and tennis grip (c) claw grip, index finger and finish grip
  8. The following are facilities and equipment in javelin except (a) run way (b) sector (c) missile (d) arc
  9. ____ are competitions involving different track and field events, which athletes take part into test their ability in all events (a) joined events (b) combined event (c) sports (d) all of the above
  10. Pentathlon is a combined event true or false
  • Hepathlon is for only men true or false
  • The origin of the game of hockey can be traced to the activities of the ancient ____, ____ and ______ (a) Greeks, Romans and Persians (b) France, British colonials and Islam (c) Igbo, Akwa Ibom and Delta (d) none of the above
  1. Hockey game was introduced by the ___ into Nigeria (a) English colonial traders (b) English colonial sports (c) English colonial teachers (d) all of the above
  • The total of ___ players is needed in hockey game (a) 22 (b) 11 (c) 10 (d) 5
  • Cut caused by a sharp edged instrument is called ___ (a) contused wound (b) incised wound (c) injury (d) accident
  • ____ occurs when the skin is rubbed against a hard object leading to the scrapping off of the skin (a) abrasion (b) pain (c) bleeding (d) none of the above
  • The following are signs and symptoms of puncture except (a) discoloration (b) pain (c) bleeding (d) swelling
  • One of these is a sign L acerated wound (a) loss of skin (b) lack of skill (c) tenderness
  • Sprains are injuries of the ____ (a) spine (b) skull (c) joints (d) head
  • ___ is a break or crack in a bone (a) fracture (b) flucture (c) fracture (d) function

Section B-theory

  1. What do you under-stand by common sports injuries (ii) state five (5) examples of common sport injuries
  2. Write on the following, state their signs and symptoms and their first aid procedure (i) incised wound (ii) abrasion
  3. State 5 types of fracture that you know
  4. What is pole vault (ii) state two equipment of pole vault
  5. With the aid of a good diagram, list the parts of hockey stick

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