Riby.Me Review 2020 –Everything You Need To Know About Riby, How To Become A Riby Agent And Make Money

Riby is a company which provides members of trade groups and cooperatives with a digital platform for obtaining loans and for accessing other financial services.

The driving philosophy behind Riby’s establishment is that the world is largely “becoming a digital space” and as such, it is essential to create a digital platform that caters to the financial needs of trade groups and cooperatives.

Essentially, Riby offers Riby Agent which is an opportunity for interested persons to join the Riby ecosystem and serve as intermediaries between Riby and its customers. A Nigerian-owned financial company, Riby operates on the backbone of its agent network in order to render services aimed at proffering solutions to the financial challenges of the “underserved” and “unbanked” population.

Notably, Riby’s agent network is composed of vibrant representatives who generously extend Riby’s service coverage to a wide population of customers including members of ruralized cooperatives and trade groups.

While this article revolves around Riby, it provides you more information about Riby’s agent network, how you can register as a Riby agent, what you stand to benefit from being a Riby agent and your duties as a Riby agent.

How to Become a Riby Agent

There are two ways in which you can register as a Riby agent –you can enlist yourself through the company’s web portal or the Riby Agent mobile app. Below is all the information you need to become an agent through the mobile app:

  • Go to Google Play Store on your Android smartphone and download the Riby Agent app
  • After downloading and installing the app, launch it to begin your in-app registration as a Riby agent
  • Within the app, hit the “Become an Agent” button
  • You’ll be requested to supply your BVN –Also, your BVN will be verified and as such, you’re required to have an active Internet connection
  • The BVN verification process automatically generates your details: name (first name and last name), date of birth and mobile number
  • With the verification completed, some input fields will be automatically filled and you’ll have to personally supply the necessary details in the remaining fields
  • After specifying your gender and inputting your email address, you should click the Continue Subsequently, you’ll find a list of drop-down items from which you’re to choose your state and local government
  • Supply your residential address and click the Continue button
  • Provided that you’re running a real business, click the Yes button on the next page and input your business details: business name, business description and business address. You should tap the No button if you don’t have a business
  • Choose Yes (provided that you have an Android device and a POS). If otherwise, choose Then, click the Continue button to proceed
  • Subsequently, complete the necessary uploads by uploading a valid ID, uploading a picture of yourself and uploading a picture of utility bill. With the uploads successful, you should click the Submit button
  • Having completed all the steps above, you’ll be shown a pop-up message indicating “Thank you”. Note that Riby will evaluate and confirm your application and following that, you’ll be able to sign into your Riby Agent account

Ranking of Riby Agents

Riby maintains a tier-based ranking method for its agents. In simpler terms, Riby allows its agents to elevate their ranks by moving from a low tier to a high tier. Riby agents can qualify for rank elevation the more they use the Riby application but upon becoming a Riby agent, you have to begin from Tier 1.

Broadly, you can move from one Riby tier to another (precisely a higher tier) by staying active on the Riby mobile app and performing multiple transactions. While staying active on the said app, it is very essential that you register new members.

In categorizing Riby agents, there are basically three tiers: Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3. Below is a list of Riby tiers and their associated transactional limits:

Tier 1 –an agent in this tier is allowed a daily maximum of #80,000 (in fund transfer), #100,000 (in bill payment) and a wallet balance limit of #200,000

Tier 2 –an agent in this tier is allowed a daily maximum of #200,000 (in fund transfer), #200,000 (in bill payment) and a wallet balance limit of #500,000

Tier 3 –an agent in this tier is allowed a daily maximum of #400,000 (in fund transfer), #300,000 (in bill payment) and a wallet balance limit of #1,000,000

What Are My Duties as a Riby Agent?

As a Riby agent, it is incumbent on you to perform a number of duties as outlined below:

  1. Serving as an information gatherer
  2. Registration of new people
  3. Acting as a communicative intermediary between Riby and target communities
  4. Sale of Riby offerings to target publics as well as the general public
  5. Serving as a cash-out medium to people
  6. Helping Riby members to collect contributions


How Do I Make Profit as a Riby Agent?

As a Riby agent, you’ll make profit in the form of commissions that you reel in through helping customers. In other words, you’ll be rewarded with commissions depending on the transactions you’re able to perform for customers.


Getting Professional Help as a Riby Agent

While working as a Riby agent, it is very likely that you find some issues awkward to deal with. To ward off such awkward issues, you may need the professional assistance of a Riby superior.

Notably, Riby maintains a management structure which incorporates the following individuals:

Importantly, your team manager is the first Riby superior you should resort to if you ever need professional assistance. Helpfully, the Riby mobile app provides you with information about the team you belong to and you can easily access the contact information of the team’s manager.


Hopefully, this article has helped you find out every bit of essential information about Riby. If you’re passionate about the Riby ecosystem and would like to contribute to it, nothing should stop you from registering as a Riby agent.



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