Technical Drawing Examination Questions and Answers for SS1


Technical Drawing Examination Questions and Answers for SS1

 CLASS: SS1         SUBJECT:  Technical Drawing      TIME: 2 ½HOURS

Instructions:  Answer “all” questions in Section A of paper I. Each question is followed by four options letters A-D. Choose the correct option  for each questions and shade the letter corresponding to the option you have choosen on  your answer sheet.


1. Which of the following can be obtained by completing the construction shown above

A. B. C. D.

2. With respect to circle J, length L is equal to the _____ A. Diameter
B. radius C. Circumference D. Area

3. The curved labeled K is known as A. Inferior trochoid B. Superior trochoid C. Cycloid D. Involute
4. Which of the following is NOT a method of projecting a surface?
A. Isometric B. Perspective C. Triangulation D. Orthographic
5. Which of the following represents a centre line?

6. With respect to the triangle PQR in the figure below, the circle is ____ A. concentric B. Escribed C. Circumscribed D. Inscribed

7. Which of the following lines is at right angle to a tangent? A. chord B. Radius C. Normal D. Diameter
8. How many divisions will be required to divide a line 112mm into the ratio A. 7 B. 11 C. 12 D. 15
9. Which of the following is NOT a property of a core? A. focus
B. Height C. radius D. Apex

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10. In the construction above the centre of R2 is divided by ______
A. Subtracting from R B. Adding with R C. Subtracting from r,
D. dividing by R
11. The tool shown below is used for A. Drilling B. Bottom tapping
C. Sport facing D. grinding

12. Which of the following is NOT a property of an ellipse? A. Focus
B. Major diameter C. Minor diameter D. Apex
13. The angle between the horizontal and receding axis of an object drawn in isometric is ____ A. 150 B.300 C. 450 D. 600

Use the figure below to answer questions 14 and 15

14. The portion marked P in the figure is a _____ A. Sector B. segment
C. Section D. chord
15. The portion marked Q in the figure is a A. quadrant B. Segment
C. Chord D. Sector
16. The figure below shown the symbol for A. 1st angle B. 3rd angle C. 2nd angle D. 4th angle

17. Which of the following steps is used to determine the centre of an inscribed circle of a triangle A. bisect an angle B. bisect two angles C. Bisect one side D. Bisect two sides
18. What type of polygon can be constructed with K as the centre in the figure below? A. Square B. Pentagon C. Hexagon D. Heptagon

19. Which of the circle below is NOT correctly dimensioned?

20. The electrical circuit below shows A. resistor, bell and switch
B. Switch, capacitor and bell C. Bell, transformer and earth
D. Earth, battery and switch

21. Which of the following is the plan of an hexagonal pyramid

A. B. C. D.

22. The solid shown in the figure below is called _____ A. Triangular pyramid B. Square pyramid C. Triangular prism D. Square prism

23. Which of the following is the plan of the block shown below

A. B. C. D.

24. Which of the following electrical symbols represents a variable capacitor?

A. B. C. D.

25. The symbol for hardcore is represented by ________

A. B. C. D.

26. The circle P in the figure below is A. Concentric B. Inscribed
C. Escribed D. Circumscribed

27. The part of a building immediately above a window frame is the _____ A. Wall plate B. Kingpost C. Lintel D. Wall
28. Which of the following method is NOT used to construct an ellipse?
A. Locus B. concentric circle C. Rectangular D. Ordinate
29. The construction below is purposed for _____ A. Pentagon
B. Hexagon C. Ellipse D. Tangent

30. The part traced by a point on a line rolling round a figure without sliding A. involute B. Spiral C. Hyperbola D. Ellipse
31. Which of the following is NOT a type of a triangle? A. Equilateral
B. Isosceless C. Rhombus D. Scalene
32. The perimeter of the regular hexagon below is _____ A.180 B. 270
C. 360 D. 450

Use the sketch of the block below to answer question 33 and 34

33. Which of the following view represents the front elevation, looking in the direction of arrow X?

A. B. C. D.

34. Which of the following shows the plan?

A. B. C. D.

35. If a circle J rolls on another circle K as shown below, how many time would J turn before returning to its original position? A. 4 B. 7
C. 14 D. 18

36. A circular object drawn in isometric appears as ____ A. Cone
B. Sphere C. Parabola D. Ellipse
37. Where are dimensions placed relative to dimension lines? A. Below
B. Above C. Left D. Right
38. What are the value of radii QS and QT respectively in the figure below? A. 144 and 161 B. 144 and 152 C. 117 and 152 D. 117 and 179

39. Triangle LKM in the figure below is A. Scalene B. Isosceless
C. Equilateral D. Obtuse – angled

40. The purpose of the construction below is to drawn a line A. Inclined to PQ B. Perpendicular to PQ C. Parallel to PQ D. Tangential to PQ

41. A line drawn from the centre of a circle to any point on the circumference is called _____ A. Diameter B. Chord C. Quadrant
D. Radius
42. To produce a given line of ratio 4:6:3, the line must first be divided into ___ part A. 8 B. 13 C. 12 D.2
43. The figure below represent ___ angle A. reflex B. Obtuse C. Acute D. Right

44. A line is said to be perpendicular to another when the adjacent angle are each ____ degrees. A. 900 B.1800 C. 3100 D. 450
45. Drawing paper can be held don firmly with the aid of __________
A. French curve B Protractor C. Tee-square D. Adhesive pepertape
46. A _____is a plane figure enclosed by two radii of a circle and an arc
A. Chord B. Segment C. Sector D. Circumference
47. The path traced out by a point which moves according to a particular rule is called _____ A. Isometric B. Locus C. Tangent D. Oblique
48. The following are example of paper size EXCEPT ____ A. A3 B. A0
C. A2 D. A5
49. Which pencil is used for normal line work in drawing A. HB B. 2H
C. H D. 3H

Answer THREE questions only from this section

1a. Construct a triangle PQR with side PQ = 80 and angle PQR = QPR = 600 (Show all construction lines)
(i) Find the length PS and QR
(ii) Inscribe a circle in the triangle PQR
(iii) Name the triangle PQR

b. Draw the rectangle below and use it to construct an ellipse. State the method used

2. Draw full size in first angle projection the guide of a block, following the details shown
(i) Front elevation in the direction of arrow T
(ii) End view in direction of arrow S
(iv) The plan

3i. Draw a line 120mm length and divide it into 12 equal parts.
ii. Construct triangle ABC, with BC = 100mm the base and angle ABC is 300 and the altitude 60mm

4. Draw in full size, applying the principles of arcs and circles, construct the 100watt bulb shown below. Assum dimension where necessary.

1a. Draw the conventional symbols for the following materials
i. Wood (across grain)
ii. Insulation
iii. Water
iv. Glass
b. Line PQ measures 94mm. Construct a perpendicular line on this line

2a. Make a freehand pictorial sketch of a try-square
b. Construct an inscribed octagon in a square of 60 x 60mm. What is the measurement of the side of the octagon
3a. Construct the following angles
(i) 750 (ii) 1050 (iii) 22½ (iv) 300
b. Identify the parts of the triangle

4. Draw in full scale the block shown below in oblique.

5. Draw a line AB 73mm and divide it into four equal parts.



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