People who are conversant with Forex trading have heard one or two things about Tradera but surprisingly, some of them barely know how Tradera actually works.

By and large, Tradera is a company founded by the duo of Kody Sell and Eastern Harris as a platform for educating and guiding interested people on the strategies for monetizing Forex trading.

As some people constantly ask whether Tradera is a legit Forex-specific platform, it’s essential to give an honest review of the platform with special emphasis on how it works.

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Therefore in this article, you’ll find out almost everything you wish to know about Tradera.

Is Tradera Legit?

Is Tradera A Scam? (The Best Forex MLM?) | Smart Affiliate Paradise

There are a number of reasons to substantiate that Tradera is far from being a scam. Besides the fact that hundreds and thousands of Tradera members have shared testimonies of the compensation plans they received, Tradera works in consonance with the regulations that guide US MLM companies.

Some of the other evidence-based reasons why Tradera is legit are;

  1. Unlike what we see among MLM companies, Tradera’s operational structure hasn’t changed from how it was at the beginning
  2. Tradera doesn’t offer deceptive or inaccurate trade signals to its members
  3. The Forex platform has maintained substantial consistency and remained transparent ever since it was founded
  4. Tradera uses a domain name that was registered in Texas, United States
  5. Tradera is under the competent management of experienced and reliable Forex professionals

How to Make Money on Tradera

Making money from Tradera Forex trading platform is very realistic and basically, the trading platform offers two different methods by which its users can earn money.

This is to say that as a Tradera user, you can make money through (i) referral commissions or (ii) Forex commissions. Whichever method you prefer for making money on Tradera, it behoves you to first register as a Tradera affiliate. You’ll find out more about Tradera registration process in this very article.

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Tradera Registration Process

As implied earlier, registering as a Tradera affiliate (alternatively as an affiliate member) is highly required before one can begin making money on Tradera. While there are two ways you can become a Tradera affiliate, the membership plan considered best is being an affiliate member cum Tradera customer with 1 level package cost. Interestingly, this membership plan comes with extra benefits.

Notably, the Tradera Forex platform offers a number of membership plans. Your chosen membership plan determines whether you’ll have access to special Tradera offers. While Tradera offers a combined membership plan (which guarantees access to more incentives), you may opt for the Client membership plan alone at first if you can’t afford the cost of the former. Below is a detailed list of Tradera membership plans:

  1. IBO Membership: This is a (monthly) membership plan which you can subscribe to at the cost of $15. Your subscription to IBO membership has to be renewed every 4 weeks, alternatively 28 days.
  2. Client Membership: This happens to be the membership plan you have to consider to get started with Tradera. Your subscription to this plan costs $99 and is renewed every 28 days.
  3. Premium Membership: This is a combined plan (incorporating Client and IBO memberships). To subscribe to this plan –which offers extra incentives –you’ll be charged a total of ($99 + $15) $114 and your subscription will be renewed every 28 days.

Tradera Rank Levels: What You Should Know about Them

Tradera Review - A Scam Forex MLM Or Legit Money Maker?

It’s important that you understand Tradera ranking and hope to elevate your rank while using the Forex trading platform. As noted earlier, the premium monthly Tradera subscription is the best of the three membership plans available to Tradera users. Therefore, having a monthly premium subscription props you up for a higher level rank. Also, you can boost your Tradera ranking by building a team which sponsors three persons so that such persons enjoy free monthly membership.

Importantly, below are the various Tradera rank levels plus what it takes to reach each of them:

  1. Founder: You’re required to have kept up 3 active members on 3 legs before you can reach this Tradera rank level
  2. Night: You’re required to have maintained 4 active members, 4 active members again and finally 2 active members on your 1st, 2nd and 3rd legs respectively before you can reach this rank level
  3. Knoble: Tradera expects you to have kept up 10 active members, 10 active members again and finally 5 active members on your 1st, 2nd and 3rd legs respectively before you can reach the “Knoble” rank level
  4. Bishop: You’re required to keep up 30 active members, 30 active members again and finally 15 active members on your 1st, 2nd and 3rd legs respectively before Tradera can move you to the “Bishop” rank level
  5. Duke/Duchess: Tradera expects you to have maintained 100 active members, 100 active members again and finally 50 active members on your 1st, 2nd and 3rd legs respectively before you can reach this rank level
  6. Prince/Princess: You’re required to keep up 200 active members, 200 active members again and finally 100 active members on your 1st, 2nd and 3rd legs respectively before you can be moved to this rank level
  7. King/Queen: Tradera requires you to have maintained 400 active members, 400 active members again and finally 200 active members on your 1st, 2nd and 3rd legs respectively before you can qualify for the “King” or “Queen” rank level
  8. Emperor/Empress: You’re expected to have kept up 1,000 active members, 1,000 active members again and finally 500 active members on your 1st, 2nd and 3rd legs respectively before you can be placed in this rank level
  9. Legend: To become a “Legend” which is Tradera’s highest rank level attainable, you’re expected to keep up 2,000 active members, 2,000 active members again and finally 1,000 active members on your 1st, 2nd and 3rd legs respectively
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Tradera Referral Commissions: What You Earn at Each Rank Level

Tradera offers referral commissions, making it a profitable venture for Forex traders with high referrals. At the initial stage, Tradera rewards you with a referral bonus of $150 but for this, you must have got your first three legs within one month, precisely 28 days. In other words, getting your three downlines qualifies you for a referral commission of $150 but you should note that this bonus isn’t continual.

Personally getting your three recruited downlines on Tradera qualifies you for the Founder rank level. At this level, you’ll enjoy a free monthly membership plan although without the $150 referral bonus. Note that it is only at the Founder level that you’re entitled to a free membership plan. Anyway, you shouldn’t frown upon this since you’re certain to earn considerably (even more than what’s needed for your monthly membership plan) as you progress to higher Tradera rank levels. Below is a comprehensive list of what you stand to earn at each Tradera rank level:

  1. Founder –a reward in the form of free monthly membership
  2. Night –a weekly reward of $125
  3. Knoble –a weekly reward of $250
  4. Bishop –a weekly reward of $500
  5. Duke/Duchess –a weekly reward of $1,250
  6. Prince/Princess –a weekly reward of $2500
  7. King/Queen –a weekly reward of $5000
  8. Emperor/Empress –a weekly reward of $12,500
  9. Legend –a weekly reward of $25,000


We hope this review has opened your eyes to everything you need to know about Tradera particularly including what you stand to benefit from trading on the platform as well as the fact that it’s a legit Forex trading company.

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