Welcome to this Tronhero review, in this review we will be explaining everything about the Tronhero project, how it works, and also help you know if it is a scam or not.

As always said, it is also very important to check out and make research on a particular investment or income program before jumping into investing in them because lots of people have gotten scammed by programs like this.

However, don’t jump to a conclusion yet about the Tronhero project until you have read and understood everything about it first and this article will help you out so just keep reading.

What is Tronhero

Tronhero Is a decentralized smart contract investment platform built on the Tron Blockchain by a group of Cryptopreneurs for the Tron community to earn dividends on a daily basis for investing in the platform with Tron.

There claim to be a decentralized contract that provides fairness and transparency to all investors.

Based on TronHero, its Ecosystem is built to overcome almost all the limitations which the currently built Dapps are facing.

TronHero aims to provide a safe, secure and conducive investment environment.

What Is Tron?

Tron is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that aims to build a free, global digital content entertainment system with distributed storage technology, and allows easy and cost-effective sharing of digital content.

A Singapore-based non-profit organization which is called the Tron Foundation founded Tron in 2017.

The CEO of the Tron Foundation is CEO Justin Sun. He also has a dedicated in-house development team which also includes renowned technology stalwarts.

TRX is the entire Tron blockchain ecosystem utility coin.

How does Tronhero work

25% Daily ROI

According to the information that we retrieved from the website,

Tronhero work in a way that you earn a daily ROI of about 25% as an investor in the company for 8 days. However, there are some fees attached when a single investment is made.

The minimum amount an investor can invest in the project is 100trx without a maximum investment amount.

But then, anytime you (the investor) request for a withdrawal, 50% of your profit will go back into the investor re-invest wallet

This means that only 50% of your money would be paid to you while 50% goes back into the investment project again


In Tronhero, you can also earn as an affiliate, which means that upon completion of registration, a referral link would be given to you that will help you earn 10% of any amount your direct referral invest on the platform, you get 5% on 2nd level referral investment, and 3% on 3rd indirect referral investment.

How to register on Tronhero

To register on Tronhero, follow the steps below

  • Download the tronlinkpro wallet app on the Google play store
  • Have a minimum of 100TRX.
  • Open the tronlinkpro wallet app and create a wallet in the app if you don’t have any yet,
  • Navigate to the Dapp browser and type tronhero.io on the address bar and visit it
  • Then enter the amount you willing to invest(min. Of 100trx) and click on invest button

Is Tronhero Legit or Scam

Base on research, experience, and deep analysis of the project, we can say that Tronhero is likely to be a scam platform

One of the reasons behind the above statement is that the founder information is nowhere to be found on their website page.

Secondly, the ROI promised by Tronhero is too good to be true, ask yourself, where will the company generate revenue to pay 25% to investors daily.

And the company already has a lot of negative reviews all over the Internet.

But then note that Ccnworldtech is writing this Tronhero review strictly for information purposes. We are not a financial advisor.

The result may vary but then it is also important to take the above points into consideration.

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