Everything You Need to Know About Wapmon and How to Download Hd Videos

Wapmon is a website usable for the download of videos, music and music videos just like Goojara. While the website offers several exciting benefits, its greatest benefit happens to be the ability to help you download your YouTube videos directly into phone storage.

There isn’t any need stressing that the popular YouTube app only allows you to have your downloaded videos saved in the app. And really, this is somewhat disappointing to some users.

But luckily, Wapmon is here to save YouTube users that disappointment as they can easily download their favourite YouTube videos directly into phone storage.

Why You Should Use Wapmon

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Wapmon might not be the site on your mind as regards the download of music videos. But the site appears good in terms of security and user satisfaction. Meanwhile, here are some of the reasons you’d enjoy using Wapmon:

  • Wapmon guarantees you access to all YouTube videos. Prettily, the site avails you the chance of directly downloading YouTube videos
  • Wapmon provides an option for users to identify the links to their favourite videos and save them in order to watch the videos afterwards
  • It’s not mandatory to attempt a sign-up process in order to use Wapmon. You can use the site without having to create an account
  • Wapmon lets you access all of its contents freely without any glitches
  • You can always download the Wapmon video downloader without paying a dime
  • The Wapmon app is available to both Apple and Android smartphone platforms. Whether it’s on your Android phone or iPhone, you can always expect the Wapmon app to serve in the same capacity as the Wapmon site

Converting Videos to Mp3 via Wapmon

Wapmon is more than an ordinary platform for the download of videos. Interestingly, Wapmon hosts a number of media file formats, making it possible for users to enjoy the site for various things including converting videos to audios.

Put simply, you can transform your desired video into an audio file so that you only get to listen to it. You may follow the steps below in order to do this:

  • Launch your Wapmon mobile app
  • Toggle over to the search widget and input the title of your preferred video or music video
  • From the emerging list of search results, locate the icon representing your desired video or music video
  • Click the video in order to begin the download
  • Make a preference from the resulting series of video or music file format
  • Also, select your preferred file format in the audio segment
  • With the above instructions duly complied with, you’re sure to have your preferred video or music video converted into an audio

Steps for Downloading Videos from Wapmon

As noted earlier, Wapmon provides direct access to YouTube videos. All you need to download a YouTube video from the site is getting the title of the video. You may follow the steps below to simply download videos from Wapmon:

  • Tap here to visit the official website of Wapmon
  • On the site’s homepage, switch to the search widget and type the title of your preferred video
  • From the emerging results, choose the icon that represents the video
  • Specify your preferred video quality from the list of file formats
  • Hit the available download button after specifying the video quality


Wapmon might not be one of the most popular video/music download sites out there but of course, the site is cut out for its unrestricted collection of YouTube videos. If you’re a YouTube fanatic but aren’t using YouTube for one reason or the other, you can expect to get your YouTube videos directly from Wapmon.

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