I was searching for how to check bank account number online without going to the bank. And after a series of searches, I realised nobody has taken out time to write something quite helpful.

So in my post today, I will be sharing with you tips on how to know your bank account number without visiting the bank.

If you’ve forgotten your account number, or you need to send your NUBAN account number to someone fast…then, here are the fastest method to check bank account number in Nigeria.

This method works for the following banks listed below;

Access bank, Diamond bank, Ecobank, Enterprise bank, Fidelity Bank, First Bank, GTBank, Heritage Bank, Jaiz bank, Keystone Bank, Stanbic IBTC Bank, Polaris (Skye) Bank, Union Bank, UBA, Unity bank, Wema bank, Zenith bank

There are a number of ways through which your new or existing bank account number will be communicated to you without having to visit any bank branch.

8 Ways to Check Bank Account Number In Nigeria in 2021/2022

1. How To Check Bank Account Number via Social Media

This is listed on top of others because the world is going social. All banks have a social media account and an online customer care representative who attends to queries online.

This method is my favourite anytime.

How can I connect with them?

Before you proceed, make sure you have the enlisted information ready.

    • Account holder’s full name (Full beneficiary name used in opening the account.)
    • Date of birth.
    • Mother’s maiden name.
    • Next of kin
    • Residential Address associated with the account.
    • Phone number registered on your account.


  • Bank account branch (where you opened that account)
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These are some important bank account information that would be asked by your bank after contacting them. Make sure you remember these details to enable them help you.

An example is Zenith Bank;

To check your Zenith bank account number:

  • You will have to provide your full name, branch name and registered mobile number before you can get your account number.

Recommendation: you can connect with your bank on Twitter or Facebook (based on your preference). I strongly recommend Twitter though, their response time is unbelievable!

2. How To Check Bank Account Number via SMS

Some banks offer SMS shortcode for checking bank account number… by sending a shortcode to a certain number, you will get a reply from them showing your bank account number.

Banks like Union offers SMS service.

To check account number for Union bank:

  • Kindly send “BAL to 20123” on your registered phone number and your account balance as well as your account number would be sent to you.

3. How To Check Bank Account Number Via ATM

I’m not going to ignore this.

Apart from withdrawing and transferring money, ATM machines can also be used to check account number of any bank in Nigeria. You should try this option if it works for you.

4. How To Get Bank Account Number via Statement of Account

You can get your 10 digits account number from the monthly account statement normally mailed to your home address to sent to you via email. These documents contain your account number.

5. How To Check Bank Account Number Via Internet banking

Those who engage in internet banking can check bank account number online by simply logging into their online banking platform.

6. How To Check Your Bank Account Number Through Instant Alerts

When opening your bank account, I want to believe you must have checked or tick the option to get alerts (either by SMS or Email), most banks don’t reveal bank accounts via this method.

In fact, what you see is something like what you have below.

This **** in between the account number is there for security reasons though.

However, if you use email notifications, there are chances that you might get your account number displayed when you get a credit, debit or account statement alerts.

7. How To Know Your Account Number Through Direct Mail

This one is for the first-timers. If you’re just opening an account from the very beginning… your bank account number will most likely be sent to you via email.

For first time corporate customers: they can get their account numbers during the validation process (where they validate or confirm their bank accounts). The validation letter can also be picked up from your bank branch.

For existing customer: you can contact these banks through their customer care email service. Each of these banks has an email address you can reach them with. So, to get your acc no, see this list of all bank’s email addresses.

8. How to Know Your Bank Account Number In Branch

Finally, as last resort, the best way to check bank account number is to visit the nearest bank branch.

This is arguably the most reliable because you’re there in person.

Proceed to the customer care unit and ask to check your 10 digit account number for you. Simple as ABC!

There are no special ways of checking your account number (maybe with a USSD code) easily except for the SMS method explained above.

Here’s my advice for you: If you’ve gotten your account number, all you have to do is, draft or save it in a secure location where you can easily access it anytime.

As for me, I normally write down important items (such as account numbers, phone numbers, usernames, passwords, important notes etc) on my Google Keep. This application allows you to save things using Google online cloud space, which means you can always get them back even when you misplaced your device.

If you’ve used another easier method of checking your account number without visiting the bank which wasn’t listed above, don’t hesitate to drop how you did that, someone else where might find it helpful.

Top Banks in Nigeria and how to Check their Account Number

    of Nigeria:

The bank happens to be one of Nigeria’s best banks that offers high-quality services to its customers. It is not only Nigeria they operate because they have other branches located in other parts of West Africa.

Zenith Bank came into existence in 1990 and had a total share of over $2.79 billion. They offer a wide range of services such as Pension management, Foreign services, Cash management services, and many others.

Checking of Account Number:

Customers can dial *966*00# on a mobile number used in registering the account. The next thing is to enter the four-digit authentication PIN, and the number will come out.




It is another bank performing well in the banking sector in Nigeria. Their banking operations cut across from large corporations to small-medium enterprises and public institutions.

Initially, when the bank came out, it was called Platinum Habib Bank, and one of the reasons they are functioning well is due to the license from the Central Bank of Nigeria. Keystone Bank is one of the biggest banks that offer financial services to the masses.

Checking of Account Number:

Keystone Bank customers can dial *7111*1#. It is necessary to use the phone number used in registering the account to send your four-digit PIN. Another means is utilizing either the keystone cheque book, bank statement of account, mobile banking app, and Keystone bank customer agent.

  1. Guaranty Trust Bank:

Are you in search of a bank with superb customer care services? Then Guaranty Trust Bank is one of those banks you can use to obtain such services. Since when they became one of the financial institutions in Nigeria, their customer base has snowballed.

Based on banking reviews, the bank shows that at least one person has a GT Bank account in any Nigerian family. It has total assets of $1.77 trillion, making them a competition in the Nigerian banking industry.

Checking of Account Number:

For GT bank, the USSD code is a popular way of checking account numbers by dialing *737*61#, and a ten-digit number will come out on the phone screen. Another method is using the SMS method by sending ‘My account’ to 08076665555.

  1. United Bank of Africa:

UBA offers digital banking services to its customers. In terms of customer care services, they are the best. There is no way you will call them, and they won’t respond to your queries to ensure you are satisfied.

Presently, they have 10 million customers in Nigeria, and 500 branches spread all over Africa. You can save your money in the bank without panic; the bank won’t fold up or go bankrupt. In terms of bank charges, it is low compared to others, and they have a total $13.2 billion value.

Checking of Account Number

There are various ways of checking the account number of UBA, such as online, mobile phone, visiting any nearby branch. Using a mobile phone, you can chat with their customer care service agent to get your account number. However, you will have to provide various information before they give it to you.

Using the online medium involves using their social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, etc., or even sending them mail. From there specific request has to be fulfilled for the account number. Finally, you can go to any UBA branch with either your ID card, cheque book, or ATM to obtain your account number.

  1. ECOBANK Nigeria:

It is one of the oldest commercial banks in Nigeria. There is no Nigerian state; you won’t find the bank. Besides, they have Automobile Transfer Machine for those who want to withdraw their money when they are in transit.

In Nigeria, most military officers use ECOBANK as their primary bank for receiving their monthly salaries. The bank headquarters is at Lome, Togo, and they provide numerous banking services like transaction banking, savings, wholesale, etc.

Checking of Account Number:

The checking of account number for ECOBANK Nigeria involves multiple ways such as sending SMS, USSD code, online and going to the nearest ECOBANK to obtain it. For the SMS, the user should send NUBAN to 08063262265 with the phone number connected to the bank account. After some seconds, the ten-digit account number will come out.

The next one is through the use of code, and for this one to work well, the person must have registered for mobile money with ECOBANK Nigeria by dialing *326#. Then the next thing is to use the instructions as a guideline to get the account number.

The online method is by having a conversation with a customer care representative of ECOBANK Nigeria. During the chat, the customer care service agent might ask you for vital information about yourself. Finally, you can go to any ECOBANK branch to get your account number.


  1. First Bank of Nigeria:

It is the oldest financial institution you will find in the Nigerian banking industry. When you hear the first bank of Nigeria, the first thing in your mind will be a bank for the aged people, and they have a total worth of $21.3 billion.

The bank became a financial institution in 1894, and since it came out, it has obtained multiple awards. In addition to it, they have been crowned the best bank brand in Nigeria for good five consecutive years from 2011 to 2015.

Checking of Account Number

First Bank of Nigeria has their various methods of checking account number. Customers can use their mobile phones, USSD codes, social media, and visiting any first bank branch in Nigeria. Before you can use a mobile phone to check for the first bank account number, the SIM number is connected to the account.

For the USSD code, the user has to dial *894# with the SIM card meant for the bank account. After, then the four-digit PIN for confirmation to display the account number on the phone screen. For social media, the first bank of Nigeria is available on various platforms. You can send a message to them, but you must provide some vital information to get it. Finally, you can go to the bank for it.

  1. Access Bank of Nigeria:

Since the bank purchased Diamond bank PLC, it has increased its customer base. Also, they have become a full force for other banks to compete. They take the leading role when it has to do with the bank with the most significant assets.

Their assets have increased to 1.537 trillion NGN after buying diamond bank. For this reason, they are the top biggest lender in Nigeria. Besides acquiring Diamond bank, they also bought Intercontinental bank.

Checking of Account Number:

Mobile phone is one of the effective ways of checking the account number of Access Bank of Nigeria. The process involves dialing *905# with the SIM number you use in receiving an alert from the bank. The next thing is to type in your USSD PIN and then send it for your account number to come out.

Another method is through the use of ATM cards. You can take the ATM card to any bank nearest to you to check your account number. If you have a smartphone with an Access Bank mobile app, there is an option for those who want to know their account number. The last method is visiting any branch of Access Bank of Nigeria.

  1. Union Bank of Nigeria:

It is another bank in Nigeria that has been in existence for many years. The bank was established in 1917 to tender financial services to small-medium enterprises and other companies. The assets of the bank are worth over $6.8 billion.

For anyone who has an interest in opening a savings account can make use of the bank. Also, it offers loans to its customers, with the lowest interest rate compared to other banks. It will amaze you to know there are over 400 Union Bank branches in Nigeria.

Checking of Account Number:

Checking the account number of Union Bank of Nigeria is done using the code *826*4#, type the four-digit PIN to bring out the account number. Another method is using an online customer service agent. Finally, visiting a Union Bank is another option to get the account number.

  1. Fidelity Bank:

Fidelity bank has gone a long way in maintaining its reputation with customers over time. They have over 2.5 million people who are their customers, and as a result of this, they are becoming more popular in Nigeria.

In 1988, the bank became an official bank in Nigeria, having over $6.51 billion. The bank has contributed to Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises’ financial growth.

Checking of Account Number:

Fidelity bank has three methods their customers can use to check their account numbers. The first method is through the Fidelity Bank mobile app. The mobile application can work on both Android and iOS phones. With the app, fidelity bank users can check their account numbers.

Another one is through contacting them on their social media accounts, either on Twitter or Facebook. From there, you can relate with them, and finally, by using your ATM to check your account number on any ATM.

  1. Polaris Bank:

Polaris Bank has total assets worth $4 billion. Initially, it was Skye bank before the change of name to Polaris bank. Different customers banking with them having excellent reviews based on their services.

Besides being a financial institution in Nigeria, they are in other Western African countries such as Angola, Liberia, the Republic of Guinea, and Angola. Many people thought the company was about to fold up when they changed their name from the then Skye bank to Polaris.

Checking of Account Number:

By dialing *833*1#, one can get their account number. One needs to dial the code using the exact SIM number for the Polaris bank. Then enter the PIN for proper authentication.

The next one is through checking the account number online, either through an online customer care agent. If you are too lazy to pass through this stress, your following line of action is visiting a Polaris bank close to you.

  1. Stanbic IBTC Bank:

Though the bank might not be famous like other banks in Nigeria, Stanbic IBTC is doing well. Other Nigerian banks have seen the effect they have created in the financial institution. It is also called a “billionaires’ bank” like Guaranty Trust Bank.

It was created in 1989, and currently, they have total assets of 2.6 Trillion NGN. The bank has different services they offer, such as loans, credits, investment, financial advisory, and many others.

Checking of Account Number:

There are different ways of checking account numbers for this bank. The first method is dialing *909# with the mobile phone used for receiving credit alerts, and then you input your PIN.

You can still contact their customer care through social media, telephone, and email. Those using smartphones with the mobile application can retrieve their account number.

  1. First City Monument Bank:

Most customers know the bank as FCMB, and it one of the wealthiest banks in Nigeria. Since they started in 1982, they have grown with lots of customers, and their total assets are 2.04 trillion NGN. In terms of infrastructure, the bank is distinct for its white color.

One thing that makes the bank exceptional is its customer relationship and fantastic financial services. As a result of their customer services, their customer base keeps on increasing annually. The headquarter of the bank is in Lagos.

Checking of Account Number:

The USSD banking PIN is necessary to obtain your account number. First City Monument Bank has its customer care service agent on social media for those who want to retrieve their account number.

Besides, the mobile app is another way to getting an account number. Lastly, FCMB customers can visit any FCM branch to obtain their account number.

  1. Citi Bank of Nigeria:

It is one of the oldest international banks still existing in Nigeria. They are known for their efficient customer service to their clients. One of the things they do is using innovative solutions to assists clients.

Citi Bank has an in-depth knowledge of the things going on in the local market, and this is one of the crucial factors they use for appropriate banking solutions. The bank has taken their time to ensure they operate under the Central Bank of Nigeria regulatory reforms.

Checking of Account Number:

Citi Bank customers can get their account number by checking their cheque book, calling their customer care service agent, or visit any branch that is close to them. Technology has also made things more accessible for their customers to use their mobile app to know their account numbers.

  1. Standard Chartered Bank:

The bank came out in 1969 in London, England, and presently, there are various branches in various parts of the world. In Nigeria, they have a high percentage of clients who patronize them with the headquarter in London.

Based on the fact they are present in over 70 countries; they have a working force of approximately 87,000 people. Although it is a British bank, it doesn’t only carry out retail banking in the United Kingdom because a high percentage emerges from continents such as Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

Checking of Account Number:

Standard Chartered Bank of Nigeria has their means whereby customers can use in checking account number. If anyone can’t remember their account number, they can contact Standard Chartered Bank service agent or use their mobile app.

  1. Sterling Bank of Nigeria:

It is one of the commercial banks with a full license to perform banking operations in Nigeria. In the year 1960, Sterling Bank became a bank in Nigeria, and they have an asset of 1.10 trillion NGN.

Also, they offer banking services to the public, large businesses, and SMEs.  Sterling Bank provides services to private business owners, Individuals, companies, small-medium enterprises, and many others.

Checking of Account Number:

You can use the USSD code by dialing *822*8# or *822#. After this, you press eight and enter your four mobile PINs. Sterling Bank has an online service for customers to tender issues relating to account numbers, and customers can visit any Sterling Bank branch.

  1. Heritage Bank Plc:

The bank has received its license from the Central Bank of Nigeria, which makes it easier for them to carry out commercial operations. They started in 2012, and their client base keeps on increasing every year. In the year 2015, their total estimate was worth over 483.4 billion NGN.

The bank performs various banking operations such as asset management, internet banking, retail banking, investment banking, etc. In every part of the country, they have multiple branches for their customers.

Checking of Account Number:

By simply dialing *322*030# with the mobile number connected to the bank. The next thing is to input the pin for authentication. If you are opportune to have a Heritage Bank cheque book, you can use it too. The mobile app is another means to check the account number or go to their bank to obtain it.

  1. Unity Bank Plc:

It is one of the commercial banks present in Nigeria, and the headquarter is in Lagos. The bank started their operations in 2006, and they have over 200 branches across the 36 states in Nigeria.

According to statistics, the bank happens to be the 8th largest bank based on their locations. In addition to it, Unity bank offers services to small-medium enterprises, Agric businesses, and many others.

Checking of Account Number:

The first method is using the USSD code number and dialing *7799# with the SIM number associated with the account number. There will be an option to enter your PIN to bring out the account number. Also, their customer care or visiting any branch of Unity Bank is another option.

  1. Wema Bank:

In 1945, Wema Bank came out, and it is still impacting the Nigerian banking sector. The good thing about the bank they are one of the banks shortlisted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

Initially, it was named Western Nigeria Marketing Board before the change of name to Wema Bank Limited in 1969. It has the license to operate as a commercial bank in Nigeria.

Checking of Account Number:

Wema Bank has different means for their customers to obtain their account number. One of the means is dialing *945*000# with the bank’s SIM number and entering the four-digit PIN. Other methods are bank documents, websites, social media, and mobile app.

  1. Jaiz Bank:

The Jaiz Bank is an Islamic bank created in 2003. Presently, the bank has total assets of over $88.8 million. They operate using the principles of Islamic banking, and their headquarter is in Abuja.

They offer various services to different kinds of people, both private and public. The total assets of the bank are $88.8 million. They have 27 branches in other parts of the country with their ATMs for customers who want to perform mobile and online banking.

Checking of Account Number:

Jaiz Bank has a USSD code number, mobile app, internet banking service, and customer care service agent for customers to get their account number. Another option for customers is visiting Jaiz bank to obtain it.

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