Evolution always begin with revolution as we often say, but the hand of change is but evolution itself. Umbrella has got a history from the beginning of human existence, it goes back as far as thousands of years ago and it is one of the ideal thing that saves our head and our body from being washed down by the rain during the rainy season. It does not only serve as a protection from rain, but also from the sun, the nature most important gift to life.

Now, have you ever wonder why the shape, the concept of umbrella hasn’t change for more than a millenium? We can say the umbrella we know today is the umbrella we knew twenty years ago, technology has change and improve many things, but it seems to have forgotten one of the oldest art in the human race.

This story is about to change as a scientist who have knowledge in both marine engineering and aeronautical created a new revolutioning umbrella design dubbed Kazbrella. Unlike normal umbrellas that open from the bottom to head, Kazbrella opens from the head to the bottom.

How Kazbrella Works

This new structure has more benefit and can do what ordinary umbrella can not. To start with, Kazbrella can be open in a tight corner, among the crowd without casting mark on the face of the person besides you because it opens downward not upward. Secondly, the most notable feature of Kazbrella is that it opens inside out, isn’t that amazing.

Umbrella has one negative feature that Kazbrella does not have, you’ll notice that when you pull down an umbrella after a walk in the rain, the droplets that retains on the outside within the head will still wet you or probably stain your cloth if the walk has been done in a muddy area. But Kazbrella closes inside out, meaning, the wet part on the outside is contained inside and the dry part on the outside. So even if you walk through rain that falls like hell and you find a small place to hide yourself for a while, pulling Kazbrella down will not wet you and it will also looks clean and dry on the outside.

Lastly, it is double spoked. This makes it strong and enable it to withstand strong wind. You can join the queue on Kickstarter by pledging £35 ($54) to get one deliver to you.

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